"David B. Applegate gets the vapors."

good Morning,

I have the vapors, I have too much spleen. I’m phlegmatic and bilious. The country doctor gave me medicine but the medicine did nothing. I threw the phial across the room and it shattered into a thousand twinkling pieces. My Bunsen burner struggled through the night. When I awoke to the grey dawn, the call of a crow wound its way into my garret where I spend each day experimenting with ROMPLERS.

The ROMPLERS have a layer of dust on them because I keep the windows open during pollen season. I like to watch the plants mate with the ROMPLERS and pray for the health of their offspring. So far, no offspring have appeared but I cannot abandon hope. Not yet. Not until I have given the ROMPLERS back their voices. XL-1, Mo’Phatt, TR-Rack, XR-20, K2500RS, Pro/cussion, Proteus 2k, and sundry others clatter and bleat. I am the master of ceremonies and the ROMPLERS make up a grand party. We dance.

The dizziness should have gone by now, certainly, but I refuse to stop my experiments. The Bunsen burner lights the way. The ROMPLERS seem to take on strange shapes in the half-light and their moods turn ugly as the light fades from the evening sky. MIDI, help me! I curse but receive no reply. I fall into a fugue on my cot.

In the fugue I see the outlines of five dope tracks, ghosts of ghosts at first, then solidifying into sound shapes one could almost touch. I see a bust of Venus. I see the red ball taunting the night sky and the endless checkerboard landscape extending toward the infinite dark that awaits us all. Even in my fever, I knew then that I had been composing and that when health returned I would have dope tracks to share with my accomplices, peers, and, dare I call them, friends.

These are the tracks:

Sincerely yours,

David B. Applegate


this is wonderful! (and 20 char of ROMPLER)


Just had a big red ball preparing green beans to these dope tracks. This is a path to wellness.

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I love your intro to this work, and I love this work even more. Sometimes I wonder how I got lucky enough to be surrounded by so many interesting and interested people who make incredible (and incredibly varied) music, but I’ve discovered it’s best not to question the good stuff too much. It’s enough to recognize it. Thank you for bringing this bedroom dreamer with no real musical training past high school into your circle, thank you for doing a split with me, and thank you for continuing to amaze and inspire me. Also, great title.


hey @Claude! Thank you for listening and for writing nice things. Green beans make an excellent accompaniment to any electronic music record. When one is ill, one can indeed force wellness to appear by listening to select sonic material and eating vegetables. To have you recognize this quality in my dope tracks feels delightful.

and @kcikdrumk, if, instead of Beuys, I had produced “The secret block for a secret person in Ireland,” you would be my secret person. I think about your music every day and feel a kinship. Perhaps we both enjoy clatter and batter. Like you said, though, no reason to question the good things. And… I hope we can work together again soon!

As for the rest of you https://llllllll.co/ folks, I issue a broad, general thanks for letting me share here & for your viewpoints and expertise which I rely on not infrequently to overcome some creative impasse or gear conundrum or what-have-you.