David Berman Tribute (Spoken Word with Electronics Issue #1)

I posted a set of three tracks on Soundcloud and Boing Boing today. It’s for a new series of mine called “Spoken Word with Electronics” - The first issue is a tribute to David Berman, who I’d been communicating with this year. David had agreed to participate in a track, and I’d suggested we discuss it in the winter. Time ran out (love to him) but here’s a piece about the process:

And here’s the three tracks:


Thanks for creating/sharing these. Finally was able to get through listening to the whole Purple Mountains record today.


Hey, cheers, Trebbers - Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Purple Mountains is a beautiful record. I’m thankful to have heard it for about a month before its context changed. I initially saw it as a candid and widely optimistic recording. Even afterward, I find the entire recording to be a brave and wonderful gift.

I still love the opening two tracks immensely, as well as “Margaritas at the Mall”.