David Fenech & Klimperei - Rainbow de Nuit LP

a new release on marionette (for which i create the artwork and help with curating)

David Fenech and Klimperei - Rainbow de Nuit

A score to a fable brought to life with haunting yet charming melodies
and occasional hallucinatory voices reminiscent of laughter and infantile epiphanies.
From music boxes and walkie-talkies down to plastic straws, plucking various stringed instruments such as the charrango and banjo, kazoos and snake-charmer ocarina and flutes, all the way through the sweet accordion and melodica, found and traditional tuned percussion.


Ah, Rafflesia. I hope it sounds as beautiful as the flower looks, rather than as foul as it (by all accounts) smells!
I shall listen right away.

haha yeah that contradiction is part of this record :slight_smile: cheers