David Stelfox - EP-2

The first half of 2022 was a weird one filled with lots of low level illnesses and injuries in the family - COVID twice, glandular fever, broken arms, pulled out teeth, bronchitis and the usual selection of colds and vomiting bugs which come with having small children. Nothing too serious but it led to a fair amount of time off work either ill or looking after children or my partner. In between, I’d find snippets of time to sit down at my desk and compose pieces of music, mostly roughly following a set of instructions I’d come up with after spending time reading about Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings.

Once the summer holidays rolled around I found that the illnesses calmed down and I was able to edit down the list of songs into something semi-coherent which I decided to put out into the world.

Gear used: OP-1, small modular palette which evolved over time but centres around MI Beads and Make Noise Mimeophon, Ableton (Serum and Valhalla, Sound Toys and Portal plugins), field recordings using H4N with JrF hydrophones and contact mics.

Here’s some codes if you’d like to download it:

Thank you to Lines and the amazing people who make up this community for inspiring me to put this out there.


Thanks, excited to listen. Can totally relate as I’m really struggling to get time to be creative right now. Family life is great but it can definitely take its toll. Glad to see you persevered.

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Thanks! Psyched to listen, glad you got through the challenges!

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