DAW as a tempo slave

I know bitwig can act as midi clock slave but is anyone aware of a DAW that can go a step further and actually record the tempo information it is being slaved to including changes?

I love the power DAW’s bring for things like arranging but I really wish I could have them slave to and record arbitrary tempo changes that I might generate with Max.

in ableton you can automate/midi map tempo if that’s what yr thinking of


There’s a M4L device by James Holden to slave sync Ableton to a live drummer. I don’t have Ableton anymore, but maybe that gives you the ability to do what you are asking for.

Logic Pro X does this with “Smart Tempo”, but I’m not sure it can act as a MIDI clock slave.
Hope this helps (my first post on this forum)!


By automate, do you mean, you can draw in tempo changes? A lot of DAW’s seem to offer that and few allow you to slave the DAW. I’m hoping for one that let’s you slave the DAW and while its a slave, have it draw in the tempo it detects. So for instance, if I program tempo changes into the master, not only will the DAW follow those tempo changes but it will also record those tempo changes into the ‘master tempo track’ or whatever.

I’m only familiar with doing this in Ableton, but in short, Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem, it’s at the bottom of this page if you’re getting stuck: https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209071149-Synchronizing-Live-via-MIDI