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Day+ Night =
Let’s think in terms of balance, about forces that keep each other in check, about halves that complete a whole. We’ll be working with the sounds of night and day in combination.

Step 1: Go to the following shared Google Drive sheet and put your Lines name down in the Day column if you plan on sharing a daytime-ambience field recording and Night if you plan on sharing a nighttime-ambience field recording. It’s OK to do both, and to do more than one in either column. Fill in (and have your audio tracks ready) by February 25th. For each track you submit, you’ll be provided a complementary field recording (day if you did night, night if you did day). The signup sheet is here:


Step 2: Also by February 25th, share your audio file(s) with @jlmitch5 by placing the audio in the following shared folder. Please upload samples in WAV format with a max file size of 600mb and the file name formatted as “Your Artist Name - Sample Name ([Day or Night]).wav" — for example, Sillyputty - Neighbor’s Pool (Night).wav. The folder is here:


Step 3: By February 28th, @jlmitch5 will provide each participant with the name of a track to combine with the track they recorded. You will then combine day and night sounds to create a track that takes “balance” as its underlying principle. The final track is due by March 28. Retrieve your assigned track from the above folder.

This project was devised in collaboration with @swhic + @jasonw22 + @Olivier + @jlmitch5.



One thing to clarify…

Would I be expected to write one track for each field recording I submit?

E.g. if I submit 1 day and 1 night recording, I’m committing to writing 2 tracks?

That was the thinking, but if it’s a bad idea, weigh in for sure.

No I think it’s the best way to go out of the options that come to mind. I just wanted to double check my reading.

I’m quietly excited and pondering “balance” already.


If you have any trouble with uploading to that folder, feel free to private message me and I’m happy to help out in any way I can. Excited to see what people record and make!


Speaking of which, the settings for the sheet should now work. I thought I had them correct, but the document wasn’t initially editable. It should be now.

count me in

i’ll upload before the weekend, although i apologize in advance for recording with my phone!! (audio quality is not so great)

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Yes! I’ve been away and am catching up and so can’t do it immediately. I have some ideas, though, and hopefully I’ll have time to upload some sounds tomorrow, as we’re getting a storm through!

Thanks to @swhic, @jasonw22, @Olivier, and @jlmitch5 for organizing!


I’ve put my name down for one of each and uploaded my files :+1:
Basically just giving this a bump, because it’s a fairly tight upload deadline!


Are we playing by normal LCRP rules in Step3, i.e. the day & night tracks are the only sound sources, but additional FX etc are allowed?


@GoneCaving yes, i wanted to ask that too!!

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Yes, let’s stick with tradition there.


Sounds like a fun project! I’m totally in!

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Just a note that I will do a quick check of all the files uploaded to the folder on the 26th/27th next week and reach out through PM if I notice any corrupted file issues or anything like that.


Thanks for managing this.

no prob 20 charcharcharchar!

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Just in case: I’ve got plenty of field recordings, made both day and night. So if there’s an imbalance in day versus night submissions, I can switch my submission to even it out. I just can’t commit to doing two.


Looking for some guidance here: I have quite a few field recordings that fit under either the “day” or “night” rubrics, but they’re mostly pretty ambient. It seems like, in order to provide a maximally diverse sound base for creativity, it would be helpful to choose a recording that has as wide a range of sounds as possible; i.e., I’m guessing that 25 minutes of cicada song is probably not a great choice (much as I love cicada song). Ideally, it might also be desirable to balance that eclecticism with some sense continuity.

Am I thinking about this in the manner intended? Are there more creative approaches I might take that would benefit the communal project? I’m very interested in comments, while wishing to be respectful of the spirit of spontaneity and individual perspective characteristic of LCRPs.


I could definitely do something with 25 minutes of cicada song, fwiw


I don’t think I can answer those questions, but I picked recordings that had prominent sounds that I associated with day- or night-time. I didn’t really think about how helpful they’d be as fodder for music-making. In both cases they were recordings I already had to hand and ones that I quite like.