//// day + night = : lcrp.2019.equinox.1 ////



Thanks for putting this together! I submitted a day sample and I’m in the night person column though. That’s ok / by design? I don’t have a night recording right now but I could make one if that’s easier!


Whoops, I think the labels are switched around (I also submitted just a day sample). I will update in the drive and delete this screenshot (and reupload later when I’m by my computer). Thanks for bringing it up!


updated (screenshot updated too)!


Thanks for all this!


Bonus night recording just for fun (a little snow crunching and night air up for grabs for something else maybe)


Thanks @jlmitch5 for putting all this together.

I’ll admit I’m a little bummed I won’t get to hear someone else use my submitted recording. But such is the math, I guess. Looking forward to everyone’s creations, though!


Should have been even, which means I made a mistake somewhere. Thanks for bringing it up–checking now…


thanks again @loma, I missed a row somehow-- @dansimco will use your sample.

also, one more mistake I spotted. @dnealelo you actually should use @howthenightcame’s sample not @bellyfullofstars (which I had twice accidentally). I hope that doesn’t mess you up if you had already gotten started.

I have updated the screenshot above, which should (hopefully!) be correct. I have learned that I am not great at spotting manual errors in data and should not plan a future career in it haha :sweat_smile:


@jlmitch5 thanks so much for coordinating this. It’s really hard to avoid mistakes.


for sure, I used a random number generator to create pairs, and then re-randomly generated for duplicates (and then manually put those in). Then mapped the numbers to the people manually. Looking back it probably would have been worth it to write a conditional for re-randomizing duplicates and then automatically looking up the names (stored in an array or something) to print it out. But hopefully we are good now.


I hadn’t worked through the implication that every file gets used twice. Could be another layer of interest in itself.


I think that’s going to give the compilation a nice feeling of continuity.


Oh, rad! Shows how good my math skills are. Thank again for putting this together. And I’ll echo @jasonw22 here: Mistakes are inevitable.


No worries. I downloaded @bellyfullofstars’ sample late last night and had just started messing about; nothing I’m attached to. I will say I especially love the sounds of the trains going by in the rain, so it was a treat to hear their piece. I’ll pick up @howthenightcame’s piece tonight; I’m excited to work with it, as I’ve enjoyed several of their recent pieces and appreciated their contributions to the forum.

And I echo the thanks expressed above: much gratitude for your efforts!


@dnealelo - I love this labyrinthine structure that is already building itself around us all - it turns out that I have @bellyfullofstars piece to work with!! This intense interconnectedness has me fondly recalling Italo Calvino’s magnificent novel If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler.

Although I’m still working slowly through the recent Postcards compilation, I’m already excited to hear what will emerge here.

Many thanks to @jlmitch5 and everyone else involved.


I’m in the middle of reading that Calvino for the first time right now! Very interesting & inspiring comparison.


That’s uncanny!! The end of that novel is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever read … Enjoy!!


Wow that’s exciting to hear! Haha – it’s great so far. Mind-bending a bit.


Just a quick question: what are the general parameters for this project? The overall aim is BALANCE, so I don’t think I’ll be mangling the samples too much. Are we allowed to add instrumental cues (e.g. piano or guitar), or should we just stick with the samples as our sole source material?


Traditionally we’d stick with the samples. Of course it’s possible to use slicing and envelopes or granular techniques to turn almost any sound in to almost any other sound, and people do.