d is for distortion, decimation, and destruction… or whatever

quick start

  • put nice sound in
  • twist encoders until it sounds awful, or awesome

what’s happening?

d is made up of two parts: an engine providing bit crushing and sample rate reduction as well as tape style distortion/saturation, and a randomized control matrix.


the main screen is a lot to take in at first, but is pretty simple once you’re in the know. size and brightness of screen elements reflect the state of the engine. the elements are:

  • sr - sample rate
  • bd - bit depth
  • sat - saturation/distortion
  • co - crossover freqency
  • hb - highbias
  • lb - lowbias
  • hs - tape hiss

turn encoders 1/2/3 to change the engine parameters in varying amounts, according to the control matrix.

the matrix


each time you launch d the control matrix is randomized, so encoders 1/2/3 won’t always react the same way. this adds lots of variation in the sounds produced and leads one to find sweetspots. learn how to save and recall sweetspots below.

in addition to the encoders and matrix, you can perform some special actions using the norns keys.

nice numbers


pressing and holding key1 enters command mode. use keys 2/3 to input numbers. releasing key1 will input the command.

note, the first two numbers are the same for related commands:

(22 - reset)

  • 2222 - reset decimator
  • 2223 - reset distortion
  • 2232 - reset/re-roll control matrix
  • 2233 - reset/clear sweetspots

(23 - set sweetspots)

  • 2322 - set sweetspot 1
  • 2323 - set sweetspot 2
    • recall sweetspots 1/2 with key 2/3

(33 - change screen view)

  • 3322 - main/home screen
  • 3323 - show engine parameter values
  • 3332 - show the control matrix


midi controller (optional)




install via the maiden project manager

or from the maiden REPL with ;install https://github.com/justmat/d


funny cause when i saw you were looking for a name i almost suggested DDST but thought it didnt fit you naming pattern :grin:

name aside


Your very specific scripts give me a good reason to have a couple of Norns hooked up to my patchbay. Have silos on one, Dd on another, Phylis on another…


this is now available in the maiden project manager!


20 chars of way sick!

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Exciting! Been wanting more really Noise-friendly Norns scripts :slight_smile: having fun with playing slowed down tapes thru it with aux send feedback

Not sure I really get the numbers gimmick to change screens etc but it’s interesting and looks pretty great anyway :slight_smile:


Edit: also would be nice to be able to map the midi stuff in the usual way, I have very basic controllers with no way to send specific midi CCs like that. But anyway the random matrix thing is fine for now ha


yeah, i almost didn’t include external controls at all. direct control of things is sort of the antithesis of this script :sweat_smile: (you’ll notice that there are no params in the params menu)

sometimes it is nice to see the matrix, so you’ll know what each knob will do :person_shrugging:

the button combo thing just came from wanting to stuff more controls into the norns interface. i think its pretty fun, and a little goofy :smiley:


i loooooveeee the ui. so punk.


turning a pocket operator (12) both phat and crispy. love the control interface, reminds me of playing a benjolin kind of where you have to really listen because you can’t really know <3 the number thing is hysterical i love it :smiling_imp:


that crunch is so nice! thanks for sharing sounds :heart_eyes:

yes! that was very much an inspiration here. things like the bizmuth, and the ciat-lonbarde stuber. turn and listen interfaces :cowboy_hat_face:

@tyleretters thanks! i love it too :smiley:


Makes total sense to me! I see another in my future as well.

What would be the bee’s knees is having this and other audio scripts as mods and choosing where in the signal chain to put it. that would eliminate some need to use multiple. anyway im just blabbing now.

Great work @Justmat :+1: :black_heart:

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Awesome - a missing piece of Norns. Would love to see this in the default master bus.


such an AMAZING noiz destroyer!
last night’s session with a horde of Dd destruction…
other noiz from Polyend PLAY, two Wing Pingers, Leploop, two DFAMs and Homegrown Devices Petals:

was wondering…would it be possible to get mapping for Dd?
it’s always so much easier to have norns connect to the CCs rather than have to reconfig the controllers. :slight_smile:
could Tape Hiss be displayed as well on the 3323 page?
i found that i kept jumping to that page during the session.

oop…one more…
i noticed i couldn’t get the script to see MIDI unless i put the controller into slot one on norns. it wouldn’t respond to anything connected anywhere else.


Seconding this! I’d love to have it permanently with the reverb and compressor, it adds so much depth and crunch :slight_smile:


alrighty, i went ahead squashed the old midi system and exposed the engine parameters in the params menu for mapping.

i also added tape hiss to both 3323 and 3332 :cowboy_hat_face:

update your copy of d for the newness


Amazing, thanks :slight_smile: Gonna be using this a lot!


Thank you for making this @Justmat. I really love it.

This is by no means good music lol but it was the product of just messing around with it for 20 minutes and running a few different types of input into it and then just going crazy with the knobs. 113 bpm caveman trance. I will have a lot of fun with this when I try to bring some taste to the function.

Your scripts are always super inspiring.


this is awesome! thank you for sharing :smiley:

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