Dead Aleph button (again)

damn… so the 3rd button on my aleph is wonky again (although this is not the same unit, my original one with wonky button i swapped with @zebra )
it seems to be a sticking problem… but as it is the ‘clear’ function for scenes if i go into edit mode it instantly wipes my scene… not fun!
i remember there was a note in the old forum about talcum powder or similar but I can’t find it.
Any tips @tehn @Galapagoose - unit is a bit unuseable at the moment.

you can try talcing the edges of the button-- basically trying to reduce friction.

a longer-term fix requires a complete disassembly of the aleph, which is annoying. basically the mounting of the circuit board (which holds the key switches) needs to be pushed slightly in the opposite direction of where the buttons are jammed. this is a somewhat fiddly process of tightening screws at the right moment and rechecking the key alignment/operation.

of course i’d be happy to do this for you-- but likely not worth the international shipping costs.

i’m up for the disassembly route if the talc doesn’t work :slight_smile: what’s the weird screw size though. none of my tools fit it?

is it a P6? I have a P5 that seems just too small.

also i’m not seeing sticking on the button the way i did before. visually it seems totally inline with the others, but on screen it’s acting as if it’s depressed (as i am :wink: )

it’s a 1/16". cursed imperial units.

ah thanks!.. found one (in an old bicycle allen key set)