deadscrolls - broken toe (combo EP/Sample pack)

“broken toe” is my latest release under the deadscrolls project, a combo project focused on beats/bass focused sounds.

broken toe EP

First, is early access to the five-track EP of the same title. It’s an exploration of distorted bass sounds, textural/swinging percussion (a lot played in by hand), glitch, and I sampled myself playing flute for several of the tracks.

broken toe Sample Pack

The release also an 8GB sample pack. This is really several years worth of exploration of sound design that I felt worth publishing. Again, would be happy to answer production related questions on both the software and hardware side. There’s a lot of different techniques encompassed here so it would help to know what sample you’re curious about in specific if you have a sound design questions. The pack includes:

  • 27 percussion (one-shots, 4.4MB): recorded these myself with a variety of shakers/hand percussion instruments

  • 16 distorted bass sessions (long-form, 2.4GB): These have a neuro/140 dubstep tilt, many of the sessions are resampled for use in the EP. There’s a lot of timbral variety here, it’s best to load into a sampler/granulator and explore different start points and process heavily.

  • 20 glitch sessions (long-form, 2.5GB): This stuff is a lot of DSP-focused exploration with heavy modulation.

  • 25 hardware modular sessions (long-form, 3.2GB): Once again, a bit all over the place but the emphasis is on distortion, feedback, and getting sounds unique to the analog realm. A ton of different gear was used to make these, so there’s a wide variety of hardware-specific textures. Very few sound “friendly” though.

  • 31 pads (500MB): Some sound nice, some sound more creepy, but I think these are pretty useful for layering in a lot of different situations.

Thanks for exploring, there’s a ton of audio here!!!


lemme just say i LOVE this concept
thanks for putting time in and sharing everything

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Oh my - gave the first track a quick listen as I settled in to bed and I am INTO IT. Can’t wait to dig into the rest but I’m sooooo sleeeeepy and anon, I must to bed.

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Here’s the EP release as a standalone, for those who don’t want the samples. Appreciate the support :slight_smile: