Dec 8th Deventer (NL) SQUARE WAVE modular synth improv meetup

DATE: Sunday December 8 2019
TIME: 14:00-18:00hrs
VENUE: De Hip, Brink 21, 7411BS Deventer (The Netherlands)

On the top floor of De Hip, overlooking the most beautiful square in the Netherlands, people and machines will go head-to-head. Through lottery drawing, the participants will be linked together in duos and will be assigned a tempo. Then… in turns they improvise for ten minutes.

So in a lovely lounge environment, with a bar within reach, you can enjoy on the spot synth improvisations. Bringing a variety of atmospheres and sounds. You go face to face with the wonderful instruments and the musicians that play them live in the room. Top ingredients for a great Sunday afternoon! Oh and…yes, the entrance is free.

Thomas Janssen
Ingmar Kops
Gregor Beyerle
Casper Koomen
Rikkert Achtereekte
Thanos Fotiadis

[This event was shaped by comments and suggestions on an improv concept I posted on this forum late last year. Big thanks to all Lines people who contributed to this.]

Our 6th edition! FB event: