Decisions app

Hi there!

I was looking in the old forum for anything related to Decisions App, but there aren’t too much since the app launch.

Someone still use it? I have a few doubt that I would like to ask.

First, I’m playing it in MAX7 using the sounds of my Op-1 through Ableton Live. Someone knows how can I send clock to MAX through Ableton? I would like to use the transport commands from Ableton.

Other thing is, what is the meaning of CC? I understood probability and notes commands but I don’t understood the CC and the preset. I have no background of coding anything, sorry if it’s a super dumb question.

And I can’t save the presets I have create so far. How can I save correct?

My Max7 is just runtime.

Thank you in advanced!

Have you synced you output to max in the ableton midi preferences?

Here is some info on CC messages:

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Hi Jasper!

Thank you for your reply!

I already synced the outputs, then I tried to find how to sync the “global transport” on decision app, but I can’t figure out. Now my doubt is, can I use MAX7 always in slave mode, whatever app I’m using?

Sometimes I use the polygomé app, on it there is more commands where I can choose from the beat come from. It is very clear on app design, but on decision is not. But thereis a place in MAX where I can configure it manually?

Maybe on Audio status?

About the CC messages is more clear now. But I don’t understand in which way it are used on decision app.

Again, thank you for your attention!

I use m4l patches in Ableton exclusively at this point. I have never used decisions. Sorry I can’t help more.

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