Defining the connectors on Norns Shield?

I just got a Norns Shield pre-assembled and am stumped on what the connectors do. There are three 1/8" jacks and four USB A connectors, none labeled or documented as far as I can find out. Most importantly I don’t know which 1/8" jack is for monitoring.

Does anybody know of documentation? I’ve been hunting around but have only found this unhelpful item: norns shield | monome/docs

can you see the circuit board thru the top? arrows show in/out

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Yes! So the upper 1/8" on the outward arrow is sound?


The top 2 are audio in and out. The bottom 1/8” jack is in the pi and unused for Norns. The 4 usb jacks are to connect usb devices to Norns. There may also be a hdmi port showing but that is also unused for Norns.

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:heart_eyes_cat: Thanks from a newb.

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Zen mind, newb mind. :wink::relaxed:

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hi hi! welcome! thank you for the question re: jack orientation. i’ve added a note to the shield-specific section of the docs, but in case it helps to have confirmed:

  • nearly all of the standard norns docs apply to the shield (and there are separate instructions for each where there are differences)
  • play is where things start
  • the flow of the resources is meant to be pretty linear, building off the knowledge discussed in the previous sections

hope this helps! lines is also a fantastic resource, but please let us know if there’s something unfindable and we’ll get it in!


With the USB connections, you can use any. I’ve connected my launchpad/midi keyboard to them all and used them as bus-power for other USB powered devices.

I think if you are connecting 2 USB launchpads there is a preferred way to do that. Haven’t tried it myself.

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