Delivery times to EU

Hi, my crow was shipped with the first batch and the tracking has not moved a bit since the 10th of October. Wondering if any non US customers also have their stuff stuck in customs limbo, especially based in Germany. It is a drag. Not sure if there is an alternative shipping option to USPS but I’d take anything else even for a higher price in the future. USPS is usually handled via DHL in Germany who are the worst when it comes to getting the customs process done. Not complaining about costs here or taxes, just saying. I wonder if a customs letter got lost on its way to me but you cannot inquire as receiver especially not at customs.

Customs are a black hole. You can’t predict when an item will be released. In Italy, when you are sure that the item is stuck at customs, a phone call to the customs office call center usually clears the issue (usually they need further info or documents).

Are you 100% sure that you can’t contact the post office to inquire about it? I recently sent something from Canada to Luxembourg and it got stuck in customs for weeks. It turns out they were waiting for the duties to be paid before they would release it, but the recipient didn’t receive any notice about that. Anyway, after he contact the post office with the tracking number, they got him to pay the duties and his item was finally released from customs.
It may just be worth writing the post office with your tracking info…

I’ve got a first batch Crow - I received mine last Thursday (17th October). In the UK, normally Parcelforce pay the customs fees (alongside their own hefty fee) and then should contact you to arrange delivery and payment. There doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid this and deal with customs directly. This time I never received a letter from Parcelforce so I just called them up and skipped the wait like that. I once had UPS deliver a Monome package instead of Parcelforce, which was a much better experience.

That is the tracking, so unfortunately although it says customs have been cleared I doubt it as usually everything gets caught up and invoiced, also 17 track says “Speyer” is the location but I am out of ideas which customs office even to contact right now.


October 10, 2019, 10:41 am
Processed Through Facility
Your item was processed through a facility in GERMANY on October 10, 2019 at 10:41 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
October 10, 2019, 12:42 am
Customs Clearance
October 9, 2019, 12:05 pm

UPS, nice, I guess there was an option on check out that I dumbly ignored. Damn. I guess I get what I paid for somehow. :worried:

Same here, I’m also in Germany an waiting for my first batch crow.

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To clarify - UPS was a surprise. No checkout option as far as i’m aware. No idea how it happened, but was very welcome!

If I were you, I’d call up DHL as they’re probably the most likely to be able to give the answers you need.

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I actually emailed Monome this morning asking if they had any information. I’m also waiting on a crow in Germany. :frowning:

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@koerby & @jwhiles: sucks for you as well but good to know that it is the same for you as well.

You just cannot (well you can) call up DHL in Germany. It does not really help/solve anything. They are totally fine for stuff within the EU or Germany but are clueless with import/customs stuff. I really think Fedex and UPS which are not so focussed on private customers and more on B2B are much better at getting stuff done in that case, at least for Germany that is my impression.

Depending on how much of a rush you are UPS are pretty good and handle all the customs / paperwork.
But for something like crow, it’s worth considering maybe buying something extra. I was on the first batch and got it a week after it was sent or so, but it was UPS.

May I ask where you are based?

I got mine from the first batch too, it was about a week in customs here (switzerland) + a couple days for transport delivery etc.

with another monome order I was super surprised how good usps are as it arrived at home the same week I ordered. I guess it mainly depends on what partners they have in foreign countries and how good a handling they have set up or how the route is prioritized, and traffic of course. but yeah, customs really are a black hole every time. certain routes more than others. my last (non-corporate/private) import from the states to germany it arrived super quick, then I waited quite some time for pick up, and at the end I had to go to the office and open it for them and explain what a monome is (a simple “it’s a musical instrument” would have been quicker for both, though it was fun)

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Im in Madrid, Spain.

Mine arrived today, but unfortunately I was not at home.
I can pick it up tomorrow at the local DHL-Shop. (after paying 26€ custom fees :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

The status on my package changed, supposedly it is in “transit to the destination” again.
26 EUR customs fee does not seem outrageous or unexpected but I know it is annoying.

FYI we’re shipping everything valued at over $400 via UPS (which costs us $60 and up).

For items under this value we figure it’s problematic to have such a high shipping rate.

I know the postal service is slow and problematic. I can add an option for people who want to pay more for UPS on small items.

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For the french customers:
For Crow->

Customs (2.7%) : 3€
TVA : 21€
Fixed handling fees (traitement, coût fixe) : 15€

Total : 39€

I received mine (first batch) 8 days after shipping (USPS -> La Poste)

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I’m in Germany and received my first batch Crow last Thursday. I expected to have to pick it up at the customs office but DHL delivered it to the door. Had to pay 23€ (around 17€ customs + 6€ DHL handling fee).

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