No need to explain the electoral college ( :sob: as i resist neurotically succumbing to defensiveness). Ah geez, anyway, please pardon these idealistic outbursts not rooted in reality (attempts to temper them with qualifiers not going so well)!

Not particularly good at talking on the internet :(:zipper_mouth_face:


Aww, well I don’t think anybody has really mastered talking on the internet.

I feel what you’re saying.


No worries and thanks for raising the issue, it got us all thinking. I struggle as well!

Daniel Moraff on the DSA site has a really clear and careful presentation of this argument – I wish I had seen this before posting as I could have just shared the link.


esta little girl
no habla inglés
poco español, she speaks
mam (indigenous guatemalan language)
isn’t this a part of the history
of US treatment of Native Americans?



A couple of things I’ve read that have made me (very) cautiously optimistic:


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Whats your version¿


Or something completely different


The answer to the problem of framing and misprision I learned from some people eager to become more savvy with the political machine is your frame has to be stronger. I think this is a part of any media/publicity training anyone does, and I don’t love how it reduces public dialogue to a fight over how to tell the story, but I see how it’s useful in “playing the game”.

A good example of this off the top of my head is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to questions insinuating she won for demographic reasons, or that she shouldn’t have ran against a powerful Democrat, where she brings the discussion instead to grassroots campaigning and the importance of politically engaging people in your community in good faith.


I’m with Ziúr on this. In the kind of culture we have in the US, mere existence is political, and honesty and kindness are acts of resistance.

When you make non-vocal music and you don’t want to fill it with samples (the way Ministry did on their extremely blatant anti-Trump album AmeriKKKant, which I find unlistenable because I don’t want to hear 45’s voice any more than necessary), where does that leave you in terms of protest music? My answer is, just being who I am and making “weird” (aka, normal for me) music that is affirming. Music that Trump, the alt-right, the 1% and neoliberals and closed-minded types wouldn’t like.

It’s a very small act, but then, I represent approximately 0.000000307 % of the US population so small is appropriate.


Bjork was right about human behavior.



just made it thru a 10m snippet of baron cohen’s new show and i’m flabbergasted

so many out of this world moments, various public figures claim they were duped but he gave em plenty of outs…

the excuses from some past/present members of congress are surreal and no less damning than the things they were coaxed to say on air w/ him


not sure what to say about the trump/putin conference I just watched…my god…


Trump was asked if he would, “with the whole world watching,” denounce what Russia did in 2016 and warn Putin to never do it again.

He did not.

— VICE News (@vicenews) July 16, 2018

yeah, i don’t know if it should really surprise anyone but it’s still an historic moment


i listened while working for ~20 minutes. the consistent denial of his own intelligence agencies and siding with adversarial (villainous?) strongmen worldwide while alienating allies is baffling. i don’t really have the vocabulary to critique trump-related stuff in a meaningful way, i just know that watching him talk brings up a deep sense of dread. it’s unfathomable that someone else can listen to that same conference and feel pride/feel like we have a great president. dark stuff.


Watched the whole episode last night and I definitely needed a unicorn chaser. Cohen has a gift for highlighting the absurdity of our politics.


Quation for Americans among us: At what point do you jump shit and move somewhere else? What is the tipping point that moves this from bad administration into full on “axis of evil” territory?

It feels to me like it is getting close with the new global alignments and alienation of long time democratic allies.