If it were easy for women to walk away from patriarchy, it would have happened already.

Families are on the line and capitalism is doing nothing to help. So much easier to go along and get along. “those things happened so long ago, we’ve moved on…” or worse, “that never happened at all!”


Heh, and I say “easier” as if it were easy…


Yesterday really drove home (again) the Republican willingness to ignore uncomfortable realities in favor of partisan dogma – whether through some kind of powerful cognitive dissonance or through simply not caring at all .

It would have been so easy for them to have dropped this guy and chosen someone with fewer skeletons in his closet. They actually thought that doing so would hurt their results in the upcoming midterm elections more than sticking with him. In a just and sane world with well-informed and rational voters, the choice they made should destroy the party’s credibility forever.


A rather dark interpretation of these events, which I tend to think is probably spot on, is that as it becomes more apparent this guy is a lying, unhinged, sexual predator dirtbag the more likely he is to be defended as a sort “F You” to the rest of us, as in “he’s one of us, we decided he shall ascend, and he (or more largely, old school mediocre rich white male religious predestined power) will not be denied for any reason whatsoever.” Ta-Nehisi Coates’ idea of Trump being the first white president is starting to resonate with me now much more than when first presented. Bummers all around!!


Also Lindsey Graham’s “I’m just a polite, well-intentioned southern boy come to the big city who just cannot be-LIEVE how cruel people can be” routine had the effect of simultaneously making me laugh and feel like I needed to take a shower with industrial strength cleaning chemicals. Impressive!


Putting this here for anyone who hasn’t read it:


Sadly, I fear the hearings will not be remembered at all.


That makes sense, I guess.

Trump being an obscene cartoon villain was considered a feature, not a bug. I guess the same holds true for Kavanaugh.

It’s not that they don’t believe Ford, and it’s not that they don’t care… it’s that this is exactly what they wanted.


I’ve been coming back to this almost on a weekly basis. Incredibly relevant (war, capitalism, class, systemic racism, international relations, elections, etc. etc. etc.)

“Just how blind, America?”


Totally unsurprising chart, just as the both-sides-ism of a lot of media coverage has been unsurprising.


thank you jeff flake


wealthy white dudes with tremendous power and influence getting all riled up and angry about the injustice foisted upon them is really hard to stomach.


yep. just a reminder:


Lindsey Graham’s temper tantrums have been particularly nauseating.


they most certainly have. forgive me but, fuck them all.
i believe dr. ford, i believe anita.


DARVO. Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.


I JUST read about DARVO, here it is in action.


And as has been stated elsewhere, these hearings are not a trial. Language about due process is irrelevant. This is a fancy job interview. Have you ever successfully been hired for a job where people were throwing around terms like DARVO after your interview (and you weren’t trying to get a job as a clinical psychologist?)

The man is not qualified. Questions of his guilt should probably be prosecuted by the state of Maryland. Seems there may be plenty of evidence to lock him up for rape. But that’s for another time.


“moral majority” with the “family values”


exactly, it’s as if figures like Lonnie Frisbee and Larry Norman never existed…