in the never ending process of introducing grey areas to everything, you should listen to the second half of this podcast. Milgram’s experiment taught us all kinds of things, but maybe not the thing most people think it did…


i am ecstatic
news just broke regarding this SK supreme court ruling


Nah, I hold the power to love, the power to kill, the power to neglect, the power to buy things, the power to turn my lights off any time I enter or leave the room… I’m practically a god. ;D


shaun king is trying to rebuild the north star. help that man do something more than anybody else seems to be able to do these days. do it now.

and fucking vote




anxious for results to start coming in.


Good luck America! The world is watching.


anxious is the right word, my anxiety is really kicking in today.

I want to skip the rest of the workday, drink, and look at the world’s largest photo archive of cute puppies. Or maybe be somewhere off in the wilderness with no internet access for a week.


Good luck USA - and vote! Im pulling for you



Anxious, ate a quesadilla.

Now bloated, and anxious.


Finally, I can stop worrying about today and start worrying about tomorrow!


I recently moved out of a very liberal district in Brooklyn to upstate so it felt good to actually vote in a couple races that weren’t a forgone conclusion. Though maybe I will miss making joke write ins :blush:

Ugh these early returns are stressing me out!!!


Most of us can breathe again now I guess.

I feel mostly okay with how Missouri did this time. We lost a senate seat to a Trumpkin, but I’m also not very sad to see our DINO go. We raised the state minimum wage, approved a good campaign finance/redistricting/lobbyist cleanup bill, and chose the best of three medical marijuana options.

I’m guardedly hopeful that there will be some action against Trump’s crimes soon – there’s word that Mueller has been quietly busy for the past few weeks and may have actually subpeona’d Trump, Jerry Nadler is going to head the House Judiciary Committee, and Maxine Waters is going to head the Financial Services Committee.



Not quite the sweep I was hoping for, but plenty to be happy about.

I am especially excited for all the women, and especially women of color who won their races. Particularly proud of Ilhan Omar from my city joining the House! In general the idea that the House begins to reflect who we are as a country seems to be materializing: POC, Indigenous People, LGBTQ representation is fundamental in undoing the white, patriarchal dominance.

Now, back to work!
There is so much ahead.


Yeah, there were some good wins, but also some discouraging loses. It’s been hard for me to grasp hope in this environment, and I’m not sure this really helps; but I’m appreciative that we didn’t go off the cliff yet. :black_heart:

As you said, there’s a lot ahead.


These changes are minor compared to the 2010 election, when Democrats lost 24 chambers. Notably, the shift of only six chambers is well below the average chamber changes: On average, 12 chambers change party hands in every two-year election cycle back to 1900.

We need to get a lot more focused on state legislatures. Gerrymandering is killing us.


that’s the truth. redistricting should be done by a non-partisan committee that has little to no demographic information, just population numbers and information about community/neighborhood boundaries.


Cool thread of “firsts”. Click through to see the whole list.