I must have missed these (I was multitasking), can you link to any of them?

edit: I think AOC stood out because it was easy to understand that line of questioning but it’s entirely possible I missed things.


Sorry, I don’t have links. But you can look for questioning from Reps Katie Hill and Ro Khanna for starters.

Edit: Also check out Rep Gomez’s line of questioning on tax returns.


Even just taking this article at face value and to not challenge any of its claims it doesn’t address the main point of my previous comment which was basically how do you reconcile these sins of the past (and I’m not at all trying to minimize your concerns about this), which were in essence a massive failure to recognize property rights (among other rights) as you state is essential to capitalism being the impetus for places like the USA to be financially successful (again, the argument the article makes, not my personal argument) and still claim that capitalism is clearly the best system? Said another way, if I were to steal a million dollars from my neighbor (which is not respectful of property rights) and then use that money to start a business which becomes successful and I now have $2 million, is that a success of the free market and capitalism?

I share this skepticism. I’m sure Trump’s famous comment about shooting someone on 5th Ave and not losing any supports was said entirely as a display of self-aggrandizement but it was actually an astute and damning comment on the modern political climate in this country. His supporters should have been deeply offended by this comment but it seems clear by this point that a large chunk of this country does not see democratic politics as a means for a society to decide the best way in which the nation should be governed but simply as a competition in which the point is for your side to “win”.


My favorite part of the testimony:

When, in response to Lynn Patton being included as a special guest, Rep. Ayana Pressley asked, "Would you agree that someone who has denied rentals to black people, referred to the African diaspora as shithole countries, and called white nationalists very nice people could have a black friend and still be racist?” Cohen responded: “Yes.”


Ro Khanna (if anyone is interested)


hoping to read this headline about trump before too long! i know very little about the PM race in israel, but this seems like a positive no matter what.


i wanted to pass along. volunteer opportunities for shaun kings justice volunteer are open. i started doing it and it was a positive experience and i’m signing up for more. you can do it from the privacy of your own home if you are public avoidant (as i am). so it is chance do some actual good via researching various aspects of elected district attorneys in work towards a better justice system for all.

as someone who is sickened daily by this country i live in, it feels nice to provide actual help to something greater than myself. so, if you are disgusted but feel like you don’t have a voice or just see a lot of negative but don’t know how you can help… please consider this. i can gladly go into more detail if anyone is wondering about the process.


i find the establishment left’s ostracization of ilhan omar EXTREMELY disheartening. i can’t help but feel that anyone calling her out as antisemitic is doing so in bad faith (or parroting points made by someone acting in bad faith); she is being punished by the establishment for “stepping out of line” in questioning the government’s long and ugly track record of imperialism. her dressing down of elliott abrams and made me so happy. it would be a shame for her to lose her position in those committees, and her loss of support from the democratic establishment may mean her days in congress are numbered. huge bummer.


how do we code in a baseline respect for conservation? we, humans make machines… we need to write code for them to keep a respect for human life, a respect for the earth as a fundamental


I’m less concerned about the code and more concerned about how people and organizations come to acknowledge that conservation issues matter. It’s not for a lack of evidence. The code certainly requires consideration, but the code will come naturally from those that espouse those values.


this would essentially require the demise of conservatism writ large - the end of policy-making ideologies that posit an idealized (and totally destructive) past/present as being something urgently warranting preservation and the end of plutocrats coming to bear on the direction in which humanity is heading