Denouement // Emergence Zone - Bandcamp Friday Release


How are we doing? I just released a double A side featuring some eurorack goodness for Bandcamp Friday. Just a couple of summer tracks for after the apocalypse.

And yes, the second track is indeed named after a Magic The Gathering card because I’m a massive geek.

Anyone else got any releases for what could be the last Bandcamp Friday?


this is so good :slight_smile: just wish there were more! I like how laid back it sounds but at the same time the beat pushes through.

WAT?!! ? !! ? !! ! ?!! !!!
You mean there’s an ‘after’?! :exploding_head:
i never thought about that part :smiley:

thank you for this music, and also for your whole entire being @Simeon
both give me hope for ‘earth bound rapture’ :pray:

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Always great news to see a new release by you! And Summer tracks are definitely welcome here! :slight_smile:
I keep missing all the Bandcamp Fridays, but this time I do have a release!

Thanks so much everyone!!

Hannes / Rajface, always great to hear from you both old-timers :smiley:

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