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watching unc lose tonight kinda reminds me why i retreated into music (but sports are still a huge part of my social life)

why not have a thread about our sporting affiliations and current favs? spill your stories of joy and grief here


I really miss the pickup games of baseball, football, basketball, and pond hockey we use to play in backyards as kids. I guess I always kinda bristled at “teams”. I was a small kid and a late bloomer, last pick. But when it was more about the “game” I loved it. When it was just for fun. Some of my happiest memories from those years.


I love sports and waste too much time watching. I had a big soccer love affair for about 7 years until I cancelled cable a few years ago. Now I’m basically focused on baseball and gradually discovering hockey (Flyers) with MLB and NHL streaming packages. Football is tough to fully escape growing up in Wisconsin but it’s increasingly gross I guess.

Brewers are going to have a rough season. Mets, my alternate, will have a season that’ll hopefully make up for it. Headed to a game on Saturday night when I go up :slight_smile:

Love sports, though Marx would probably argue that they’re the opiate of the masses in the 21st century if he were writing now. Important to have some perspective I think on their importance/unimportance in society.


[quote=“sellanraa, post:3, topic:2863”]
Important to have some perspective I think on their importance/unimportance in society.
[/quote]I agree with this …


I rarely, if ever, watch professional sports anymore. I used to very into watching professional cycling both on TV and in person but got pretty jaded by all the drugs scandals.

Participation wise I take part in triathlons. The cycling and running parts are ok but I swim in geological time having only learned any semblance of proper technique in the last few years!


Just a small comment in this section (for the europeans out there probably) to say how beautiful, refreshing and symbolic Leicester’s Championship title is. It’s a lesson and it’s a victory (a political victory even, in some regards) against the money machines that rule European football and sport in general, and it’s been taught in a beautiful fashion, with admirable human qualities.


everybody on earth likes the sport

if arsenal’s title chances were bound to crumble i’m ecstatic the trophy went to a team like LC…some of the players have been a joy to watch even before this years breakout season

and ranieri get’s some vindication which is so sweet in my opinion


@glia, are you a fellow gooner? This has been a tough season to watch, but at least they’ll have that brilliant Welbeck header in the dying moments against LC. That said, LC were incredible this year, and I can’t wait to see them in Europe next season if they weather the transfer window.

… now on to watching my beloved Houston Dynamo struggle in the MLS…


So happy indeed for Ranieri’s revenge. The guy just finished 2nd so many times playing such a beautiful football and got treated like a loser for so many bad reasons. I was still not over how he’s been treated in Monaco after winning ligue 2 and bringing them 2nd of ligue 1 behind an absurdly rich PSG team. And apparently that was enough to fire him. Disgusting. This is the perfect answer, and it’s not just wonderful, it’s also exactly like him, it’s the football he’s ALWAYS been defending. Nothing to be ashamed of. Very impressed and happy.


anyone else excited about MLS Cup?

just hoping for a well played final but will be doubly happy if Toronto is victorious


I haven’t kept up - why do people hate Seattle so much though? When they joined the league it was great. Super passionate fans.


Although I never followed the MLS (we’ve got our own leagues and stuff in Europe it’s hard to keep up and I like the NBA better sportwise anyway) I’m quite interested in it as a concept. I wonder if the american way to deal with closed leagues could prevent from some of the awful aspects of the european leagues (where, put simply, money makes all the difference and it’s very rare to have a “fair” game to watch, apart from the last rounds of the champions league where every team left is sick-wealthy). In that regard I hope the US keep pushing the MLS forward and offer an alternative to the way we do things here, because it’s basically ruining football for a lot of fans here.


i’d be happy for either team

i personally dont hate seattle . the attendance numbers (and ownership commitment) are unmatched by any in the league but they have a bad reputation

the popular view, behind the hate, is that seattle fans are the most arrogant on earth


Well, maybe it’s a Seattle thing because it seems like people dislike the Seahawks fans too for the same reason! :slight_smile:

I’m just excited for Lou City’s next season…Glia, I’ll maybe be playing in DC in June, it’d be fun if it lined up with a Richmond Kickers / LCFC game we could go to together. Longshot I’m sure…


Depending which date I’d be up for that…lemme know about the show too

It’d be rad to see your performance


Few days ago now, but how about Aguero’s and Fernandinho’s antics? That tackle. Oof.


Rough loss for TFC last night. I always hate seeing matches goes to penalties.


I grew up playing lots of sports (mainly basketball) and up until moving away from the US used to play every week. I really loved playing basketballs, and just going to some park and joining pick-up games.

In England I played basketball maybe 2-3 times. Just not the same kind of culture for that here, and although there are a few indoor basketball things that you can pay-to-play, it requires knowing people ahead of time and setting that up, and isn’t good for just meeting random people to play.

Aside from that it’s really weird living in a city (Manchester) with such an engrained sports culture, particularly the super-divisie kind you have in the UK. It really stands out as being a (really expensive) opiate for the masses. And fuck me, when there would be a game on, the city gets fucking crazy. Really awful ‘lad’/hooligan culture.


Rodrigo, have you read JG Ballard’s ‘Kingdom Come’? He sort of explores a bit of the weird relationship the English have with soccer in there. Plus, it’s creepily prophetic with regards to figures like Trump.

Anyway, totally agree, I’ve gotten a lot better perspective on where sport belongs in the scale of importance. Yet, it’s so ingrained in me that I can’t (and never will) completely let it go.


Sports are the one thing that I’ve really been thinking about when reading through the [Quitting MW/Reddit thread] (Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media).

I find the discussion on /r/AFL pretty decent (with a heavy dose of Australian humour!), and the links for streaming Arsenal (or any other European football) games are also quite good. I quite enjoy reading match threads while games are on to gauge how other fans/rivals are feeling and if they have any good insight. Living in a house with four people who could literally not care less about sport in any form makes it pretty easy to get how unimportant it can be in the big scheme of things… That’s why having somewhere to discuss it online is fun!