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Depending which date I’d be up for that…lemme know about the show too

It’d be rad to see your performance

Few days ago now, but how about Aguero’s and Fernandinho’s antics? That tackle. Oof.

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Rough loss for TFC last night. I always hate seeing matches goes to penalties.

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I grew up playing lots of sports (mainly basketball) and up until moving away from the US used to play every week. I really loved playing basketballs, and just going to some park and joining pick-up games.

In England I played basketball maybe 2-3 times. Just not the same kind of culture for that here, and although there are a few indoor basketball things that you can pay-to-play, it requires knowing people ahead of time and setting that up, and isn’t good for just meeting random people to play.

Aside from that it’s really weird living in a city (Manchester) with such an engrained sports culture, particularly the super-divisie kind you have in the UK. It really stands out as being a (really expensive) opiate for the masses. And fuck me, when there would be a game on, the city gets fucking crazy. Really awful ‘lad’/hooligan culture.

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Rodrigo, have you read JG Ballard’s ‘Kingdom Come’? He sort of explores a bit of the weird relationship the English have with soccer in there. Plus, it’s creepily prophetic with regards to figures like Trump.

Anyway, totally agree, I’ve gotten a lot better perspective on where sport belongs in the scale of importance. Yet, it’s so ingrained in me that I can’t (and never will) completely let it go.


Sports are the one thing that I’ve really been thinking about when reading through the [Quitting MW/Reddit thread] (Quitting MW/Reddit/FB/Social Media).

I find the discussion on /r/AFL pretty decent (with a heavy dose of Australian humour!), and the links for streaming Arsenal (or any other European football) games are also quite good. I quite enjoy reading match threads while games are on to gauge how other fans/rivals are feeling and if they have any good insight. Living in a house with four people who could literally not care less about sport in any form makes it pretty easy to get how unimportant it can be in the big scheme of things… That’s why having somewhere to discuss it online is fun!

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No I haven’t. It’s really weird to see as an outsider. It’s not like sports aren’t important in the US, people go crazy about that shit, but something about soccer (football) is terrifying, specifically given how ingrained it is.

It’s the cross section of nationalism/jingoism, entertainment, class struggle, and hooliganism that is fucking crazy.

(getting sidetracked here though, hehe)

Not sidetracked at all if you read the Ballard book, because that’s exactly what he gets into. It’s one of my favorite books of his.

Anyway, I completely agree.

I didn’t see the match cause I’m not following English football as much I used to (and have no real interest in either team)

but having watched the tackle my first thought is that the ref probably could’ve prevented the situation if he’d done his job properly…I could be way off base, particularly since I didn’t watch all 90+ mins, but Kun is not the type to lash out like that

He mustve been provoked and frustrated that the officials hadn’t protected him . not an excuse for deliberate violence but the best solution is usually consistent control from the ref and his assistants

Without the tackle and ensuing fight, the Fernandinho-Fabregas clash doesn’t even happen

Hey sorry I missed your message a few months back…long story but yes I’m an arsenal fan by way Dennis Bergkamp & Wenger. I have several teams I lend casual support to but they all take 2nd place to the local club (DCU). Only Dortmund and Arsenal come close and I check results/highlights for each pretty regularly.

Also have had fleeting attachment to Boca Juniors, Atletico Madrid, Fiorentina, Bolton, Barcelona, and Chelsea. Several national teams as well but the list changes based on style and players employed.

Dunno if it really counts a sport, but I got heavily into longboarding this year. One of the great things about it is the culture surrounding this pasttime.

There’s this outsider aspect to all kinds of skating which encourages looking at the world differently. I love the weird excited feeling when you’re driving up a quiet road & suddenly realise you’ve discovered a wicked downhill run. Skating culture in all it’s incarnations seems to foster something of a hacker mentality toward law, property & freedom.

Of course there is a competitive aspect to longboarding, with organised races & such. But I think the appeal there for spectators has more in common with live music than the tribal experience of, for example, a football match.


[quote=“rick_monster, post:25, topic:2863”]
Skating culture in all it’s incarnations seems to foster something of a hacker mentality toward law, property & freedom.
[/quote]I’ve never been good at any skate related but it did change my view of public property forever

In DC yesterday I chuckled seeing knobs installed on the new granite ledges around the Dept of Commerce building (across from the African American Art Museum). They’re the perfect height with really nice surroundings to skate.


Randomness: yesterday, while walking to the car with my eight year old son from a movie theater, I stopped him in front of a new skate shop that recently opened in my neighborhood, and I pointed at the old school Powell & Peralta sticker in the window and said “they made my favorite board when I was a kid. A little older than you–a young teenager. That, and a Dogtown.”

That’s over 35 years ago. Makes me shiver to think about it.

The pools…the pools…


That Dogtown and the Z-Boys doc rules. Sometimes I’ll play that for my 8th graders if we have weird scheduling issues like snow days to remind them that history is more than dead dudes in wigs. Plus, the empowerment/impact that teenagers specifically had, and the environmental factors leading to that era of pool boarding. Man, it’s so magical.


There were a few pools walking/skating distance from my high school. One required climbing a fence in to a garage type area–it couldn’t be seen from the alley. That one had a pretty harsh transition and tremendous vert. Wasn’t actually that good. Someone finally threw a few buckets of sand in it to keep us out.

The other was glorious; broad, gentle kidney, part of an old motel that was condemned. Then it was torn down, but the pool remained for a while. It was covered in spraypaint. Bunch of us would show up, with a box, blasting tunes, and we’d skate. Sometimes twenty kids.


Unrelated to anything beyond the open ended topic of sports, the Philadelphia Flyers have won 9 straight. Anyone besides me a fan of hockey? I’ve been working on learning the game the last few years and it has been pretty fun!


[quote=“sellanraa, post:30, topic:2863”]
Anyone besides me a fan of hockey?
[/quote]grew up playing w my brothers after learning to skate…hockey is the sport I’m best at playing (not sure how)
used to obsess over the peguins during jagr-lemieux era but lost nearly all interest after the 2004 lockout
still decent fun to watch but it’s always best in the arena as a spectator

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The only game I went to was a Red Wings / Kings game in Detroit. My coworker is from there and hooked us up with the Red Wings box which was insane. One period we all rotated into the first row center ice. I was right behind Mike Babcock. So fast, so exciting…

My step-dad’s son is designing the new arena and we’ve discussed going up. My dream is to take my step-dad to an outdoor game, if not the Winter Classic, something. Pens v Flyers is this winter and would be awesome to see at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Time to see if tickets are on sale and how stupid I’d be to pay for them :slight_smile:

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Nice. Most of the games I went to were because a close family friend would use Red Wings v Caps as an excuse to visit us from NC.

Hope you can get tickets cause there is something magical about hockey outside. Most of the time my buddies played on a full sized concrete rink near our neighborhood. Wasn’t until I lived in rural NY that I met guys who played on frozen ponds and lakes. We’d also hijack outdoor basketball courts and one guy flooded a small area w/ knee-high boards he’d built. Insanely fun time and great excercise


Grew up in WI, but didn’t have a lot of experience playing hockey, but we did play on a lake some and our school actually had a rink. My memory of that was playing soccer in it more than hockey though. Doh!

Tickets start at $180 for the game in Pittsburgh, oof. Someday though…someday. :slight_smile:

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