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That’s what I love about playing. There’s a role for everyone regardless of ability. I am terrible at playing, but I can dish out a heavy tackle and take a tackle. (That’s the part of the game I enjoy the most!). I played, up until junior was born, with a great group of guys on a 5 aside game. I played 11s for a season but I just didn’t have the legs!


I did the same for a couple years. It hurt to walk almost the entire week and I just started feeling better once the next game rolled around, but I just kept at it because it was too fun. Unfortunately our group got too big and a bit of a jockish mentality started creeping in as it moved from punk rockers rediscovering their love of sports into a wider crew.

The good news is that once I discovered I had some weird glandular issues that has left me with severe osteoporosis, at least I had an explanation for being so sore after the brutal ankle and knee workouts every week playing soccer. Oops.

Aside, you do NOT want to battle Evan from Young Widows for a ball. Big guy and super fiery on the field :slight_smile:


Shittest Euro final of all time. What a travesty.

Still mad. :rage::soccer::persevere:

Also, the beginning of my loathing of Ronaldo…probably everyone’s. What a baby, with his precious little taped earrings. Figo was hard enough to take prior, but now this guy.

The Czechs deserved it all. Nedvěd, Baroš, Čech, Koller, Šmicer, etc…the way they gelled as a national side was a delight to watch; the sum better than its parts…which isn’t to take anything away from their individual talents, but outside of Nedvěd, I wouldn’t call any of them superstars.


@rdfm, hilarious video. I enjoyed that.

That one move up the short stairs was dope; about half way through.

I watch those things now and cringe at how many terrible injuries I miraculously avoided, although I wasn’t as good as most of those guys.

@abalone, I enjoyed that. I was surprised at how long I watched before FFing to the end.


Yeah, the Czechs were the team of the tournament. I actually missed the final for travel, but I probably would have loved it just because it was new and wondrous. I couldn’t pick out the finer points of a match at that point.


[quote=“Larrea, post:43, topic:2863”]
Shittest Euro final of all time. What a travesty.

Still mad. :rage::soccer::persevere:

Also, the beginning of my loathing of Ronaldo…probably everyone’s. What a baby, with his precious little taped earrings. Figo was hard enough to take prior, but now this guy.
[/quote]this brought a genuine belly laugh out of me

lord jan koller
i miss him

czech team is one kit i always used to wear to school with pride

[quote=“Larrea, post:44, topic:2863”]
That one move up the short stairs was dope; about half way through.
[/quote]i thought he same


Koller was like the Human Castle. Probably twice as tall as Maradona.

I still have my CZ jersey, somewhere, in a box or something.

I should probably admit my Czech bias goes beyond the game, as my mother was born and raised there, and several of my favorite authors and one favorite composer were from there as well…bit of a -phile you might say.



@Larrea @glia thanks for the kind words! Your support has been passed on
Will post the full video when the time comes


Did anyone catch the Centennial Classic today? It just finished. WOW! My girlfriend’s cousin went up for the game and I’m sure he is giddy. That was about as great of a game as you could ask for. Outdoors. New Years Day. 5-4 OT Maple Leafs victory. I’m looking forward to the Winter Classic, but it’ll be tough to top this one.


man, I missed it

i’ll check highlights…sounds like a great showcase for the sport


Hello! Winnipegger born-and-bred here- I grew up going to Jets games and quietly shed a tear when we lost them back in the mid-90s because I was in my early 20s at the time and involved in the particularly dour oppositional punk/hardcore scene where liking hockey wasn’t allowed— it was viewed as “the enemy”. Ah, youth.

In the interim until the Jets came back to Winnipeg I moved to Vancouver and became a Canucks fan… now I can root for both, with the Habs as my safety if my first two choices get knocked out of the playoffs.

Thanks to the jocks, jerks and rowdies who riot at the drop of a hat and all the rest of that alpha male stuff, I understand why people are disdainful of sports but also get tired of people in whatever subculture dropping snark & snobbery bombs for simply loving the game- be it hockey, soccer, baseball…

One downside about living in Japan is that there aren’t many hockey fans here and there is nowhere to watch the game on TV except for I think some satellite channel wayyyyy up in the upper hundreds. Last time I checked, it only plays Eastern conference games with teams I’m not that interested in at three in the morning on every third Thursday or somesuch… ( I might be exaggerating a wee bit)
I just keep on top of the highlights on the web and check in on the stats in the newspaper instead.



i’m all late but just found out that craig sager died in December
: (


Soooo bumping this thread just to know… Did anyone watch those Australian Open insane semis for the history of Tennis, or is it a sport that doesn’t attract a lot of people around here?


This is the skate video my brothers have been working on for a while now. If anybody has the time to check it out, I hope you enjoy it!




I know the tournament starts tomorrow, so all brackets would have to be in by like 9am EST tomorrow. I’m not actually a basketball fan [or sports fan in general, really] but I love any excuse to trash talk and I’m guessing that at least a few of you are also in that boat. I could set up a league on CBS Sports if there’s interest!


Can you explain this to a non-American with a newfound (slightly) more than passing interest in basketball?


i’m no expert, but here’s my understanding:

  • all of the colleges in the NCAA (the US college sports governing body) are split into four divisions. the best 16 from each division are chosen for the tournament and ranked according to their performance in the regular season. the ranking system is nebulous and it all takes place behind closed doors - there is always controversy surrounding how teams are ranked, because a higher rank means (in theory) an easier path to victory.
  • within each division, the highest-ranked team plays the lowest ranked team, the second-highest-ranked team plays the second-lowest-ranked team, etc. winners advance in the tournament. after 4 rounds, the top teams from each division play each other in the semifinals (the “final four”) and then the finals.
  • since these players are amateurs and only the top ~1% of players in the tournament have a chance to make in to the pros, most of what is on the line here is pride and bragging rights. there’s a lot of craziness in the towns where the best teams are located, and small college towns in the middle of nowhere get a ton of air time on national news for a few weeks. the “madness” of the tournament is that sports people spend hours and hours crunching the numbers on who should win and why, but they’re never right. there is always a few big upsets and a “cinderella story” of some relatively unknown school beating the odds and winning a few games.
  • viewers fill out brackets with who they think is going to win each game, from the first round to the finals. a correct pick in each successive round is worth more points, so if your predicted winner loses in the first round you’re hosed. part of the fun is watching for the upsets and the cinderella-type narratives and trash talking with your buddies when their alma mater or favorite team loses. also, i’ve heard that there has never been a perfect bracket prediction - no one has ever correctly predicted every winner for all of the games in the tournament.

i didn’t watch a single NCAA basketball game this season, but every year someone in my office organizes a bracket pool and i always enjoy the comraderie and trash talking. every year i spend some free time at work reading the predictions and fill out a bracket and never win but it’s still fun. maybe next year, with a bit more planning, we can do that here!