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I’d be down. Don’t have the bandwidth to figure out how to set the thing up, but I’d throw a bracket in.


track fans :slight_smile:




That was an awesome win!


yeah i’m not sure what umtiti was thinking but in the 1st round of games many players are making uncharacteristic mistakes due to pressure/nerves whatever


I’ve gotten roped into the WC. Basically, game 1.1-breakfast-1.2-set rehearsal-2.1-lunch-2.2-set rehearsal-3.1-snack-3.2 ha. Dog bathroom breaks too :slight_smile:

Anyway, Poland got hosed on that 2nd goal…it’s crazy to think all that is invested in sports and one bad decision by an inattentive ref could’ve cost Poland millions of dollars and the pain and frustration accompanying their outcome being totally different by not getting a point. I dunno, sort of a bummer.


people keep telling me but i mustve missed something
what is the controversy?

edit: found

my routine has been

  1. DVR every game
  2. stream from mobile devices or tune live in when at home
  3. watch online highlights or skim dvr for games i missed (i like seeing moments surrounding major plays for context)


Yeah, I mean, human error where that ref just wasn’t paying attention to the pace of game, but don’t they usually let someone hop on during a stoppage of play? I dunno. That goal would NOT have happened if he hadn’t been waved on right as a ball was played to the back. Again, it comes down to just being a bummer that years of training and all that money, etc. is for ‘nothing’.



I have no specific ties to either country but must admit that I operate with a pro-asia/africa bias when watching the cup.

Also, been gradually desensitized to injustice and corruption in this sport. I don’t expect “fairplay” from ANYONE involved…not especially the officials in a match that features a non-european opponent. It would hurt if I was rooting for Poland or if I watched the whole match as a neutral and felt that they deserved victory…but, honestly, if this is the one time in a million that referee misjudgment resulted in harm for a european team? I could live with it

That said, I don’t really think it was unusual for the player to re-enter in between stoppages. I’ve seen it before (though never with such immediate impact on the play in progress). Whether it’s allowed by the laws of the game, i don’t know.

What I do know is that the officials hate admitting fault even if the mistake is obvious. New technology meant to avoid controversy like this cannot fully mask the pride of the men and women who control each match



Yeah, I mean - I don’t have a specific rooting interest, just looking for a fair match. (EDIT: FULL DISCLOSURE: I am mostly east German/Polish on my dad’s side…doh! But truly, I wasn’t pulling for either side specifically :slight_smile: )

I think the corruption is one of the reasons my interest in soccer has waned over the last 5 years. Still, I’m having fun watching.


Yeah it is weird

I wish the refs would just be consistent. Seems like rules are more fluid than they could & should be for what’s at stake in these games.

I’d love to see more well-played fair match results


This is basically why I’ve stopped watching European football. It’s infuriating to watch entire teams play tiny infringements up, milk contact for free kicks and kill time throughout entire games, and that’s without even taking into account small incorrect decisions or moments of referee idiocy radically changing the trajectory of a game. The World Cup is a bit different, but I’m talking about Premier League week to week stuff here, specifically.


Sums up a lot of games :rofl:


i will never understand the logic behind gambling near post
taremi couldve knocked portugal out of the cup with a proper attempt

wouldve instantly become the story of the competition so far


That was wild. Is VAR actually helping???


Not in my opinion. The application of the rules is subjective


Totally agree. The weird thing is the ref can’t ask for it if he’s unsure, like in rugby.


Not sure if this is exactly on topic, but, this is how I spent my day yesterday (and many other days!). :smiley:


Feel bad for Nigeria. I find myself routinely put off by Argentina’s team too. I’m super excited to check out England v Belgium, but I think I’m pulling for Croatia. I’ve always loved Modric back when I watched more (which goes to his Tottenham days) :slight_smile: