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signaled by a Tom Wilson suspension!


Was that the 20 gamer?


Yep. guy cannot control himself on the ice. guarantee this won’t be his last one, either.

I’m happy because he’s my least favorite player and he’s now missing 2 games vs my team (Penguins).

wondering if any Seattle people here are excited about getting a team in 2020 (most likely)


Well that was a very Spursy way of probably farting out of the Champions League.

Hugo Lloris needs to get his house in order, in the Game of Thrones sense of getting one’s house in order.

We gave Barca a game tho and I’m not embarrassed to speak to my friends, that’s something innit.



I’m happy we have a captain! I’m expecting a deluge of pirates of the Caribbean photoshops now Captain Jack is leading the sabres!!!


Booooooo 20 game suspension booooo


Flyers fan here…but it’s hard to watch them too much since there’s so much better hockey out there. I really enjoy Winnipeg and Toronto otherwise :slight_smile:


The Cubs are dead to me. Good luck to the crew though!


both really fun, explosive teams now. love watching Auston Matthews, mainly because I think he looks like a young Malkin.


As a Caps fan, I tend, for obvious reasons, toward viscerally loathing the penguins. But I’ve never been able to loathe Malkin. Just really wished we had him instead.


So opening day didn’t go great for Sabres. No urgency in the play, poor puck handling, lack of a creative spark. Hopefully better to come in New York tomorrow.

How about the pens game!?!? And Auston Matthews’ opener in the leafs game.


I kind of hate Duke but watching Zion Williamson dunk on the entirety of the NCAA is going to be a nice distraction this year.


Oooo Sabres in the power rankings now :slight_smile:


Van Riemsdyk being out for so long put a damper on my enthusiasm for the Flyers at the start, and I am generally not in a very sports-y mode, but still catching a bit here and there. Host the Devils tonight and he MAY be back. So I’ll probably tune in for the first period or two before reading. Otherwise, I’m trying to just watch other hockey. Last year I really came to enjoy Winnipeg and Toronto so I’m trying to continue just soaking up the sport and developing an understanding of the subtleties while watching a nicer brand of hockey than the Flyers sometimes offer.