DERIVE Soundscapes Radio • episode three

This past Friday night marked the broadcast of episode three of DERIVE Soundscapes Radio, the series of music that has been my main focus of 2019 thusfar.

The performance was broadcast live on YouTube in front of a small and intimate crowd at my cafe: Deakin St coffee stand in Tokyo.

As the project progresses I find myself more at ease with letting the music take me where it wants to go rather than trying to force any particular sound; this allows the entire piece to flow a lot smoother than say, episode one which was a bunch of different tracks, written at different times, stitched together.

The first track Generative is a piece which was created for the #FutureCities exhibition; held in Tokyo on the 1st & 2nd of December last year and is coming to Taiwan next week on the 20th and 21st of April. The exhibition takes audience members on an interactive journey of the streets of the past from the future.

More information about Future Cities can be found here or on the event page.

If you like the DERIVE Soundscapes series please consider downloading in high quality over on Bandcamp.


Episode Three was the strongest set yet. Your long form compositions are flowing with greater naturalness and confidence, and I think that last week’s offering was a very subtle and moving composition. Keep up the great work!!