DERIVE Soundscapes Radio • episode two

DERIVE Soundscapes Radio episode two is coming March 1st; broadcasting live from Deakin St coffee stand in Tokyo at 7pm Japan Standard Time.

An hour of brand new music featuring field recordings, dark drones, shimmering strings & lush clouds of sound.

Here’s a little taster of what I have so far:

If anyone from the Lines community lives in Tokyo please feel free to come down to join us for the live event; we’ll be getting some beer & cider in for the night and will keep the coffee machine open for late night brews.

Deakin St coffee stand
MADO Terrace 06
3-chome 2-8 Nishimizue
Tokyo 132-0015

For those not in Tokyo or who would like to tune in during or after the event; we’ll be broadcasting to YouTube here:


I’d love to swing by, but the earliest I can get out of my house on a friday is … 7pm

I’ll remember to tune in though!!

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thank you :slight_smile: hope to meet you at the cafe one day, I’d love to meet fellow noise makers in Tokyo :slight_smile: the first coffee is on me!

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Live right now on YouTube!

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Listened in tonight. The set flowed very nicely, and the first 15 minute section was particularly beautiful…

Thanks Martin! Great to hear from someone who’s music I admire. Hope to see you at Deakin St one day soon :slight_smile: We got rid of the ‘1st, 3rd, 5th Saturday’ nonsense and now we’re just open every single Friday and every single Saturday. 10:00–18:00. Simple :slight_smile: