Deru - Metal // Skin // Cones

Hello All,

I released a piece of music that I wanted to share with Lines. I’ve released a lot of music throughout the years but this is by far my most experimental.


The piece was written for a live performance with 4 percussionists surrounding the audience. Each player had a brake drum and cymbal (metal), bass and snare drums (skin), and a speaker (cone). I built a Max patch that could analyze and pick out the 15 loudest partials from the players instruments. It presents that data on screen so that I could transform it before being resynthesized. Those resenthesized frequencies were then send out of the speakers by each player. The main advantage of using the partials that come from the instruments is that the electronics can blend with the original signal, or if the frequency data is manipulated, to be way out front.

Most of the phrases in the piece are similar for each player, but their click tracks (tempos) each diverge separately, thereby creating phasing textures. I had moments where all of the tempos converged and slammed back together, and so on.

This was made as part of a composer collective in Los Angeles called The Echo Society, and is taken from our upcoming compilation. The premiere was at The Ace Theatre in Los Angeles.

I spoke a bit about the Max patch in a series of videos for Future Music, and I presented the patch at the Max Expo last year (that video will be released soon I am told).

I’ve been enjoying this community for a while now.
Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or questions.