Determining Norns Shield SD Card Storage Space?

Hi Everyone,

I have searched through the forums, but don’t see an answer to this particular question. Is there an easy way to determine the amount of storage space left on the SD card in my Norns Shield? Even taking the SD card out an popping it into my PC, I only see the original image - none of the Dust folders with audio, etc., so I can’t seem to determine how much space I have remaining for additional samples, scripts, etc. I was hoping that there is a System command within the Norns or other easy way (perhaps through Maiden) where I can see the space I have remaining.

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connect via SSH

then use the command df -h

Also (probably easier) - when you’re looking at the device, the HOME/SELECT page will show additional information when you press K2 - some of that includes the Disk Space Available

(@dan_derks this tidbit about K2 and the extra info seems to be missing or deeply hidden in the docs)


Thank you very much, @okyeron!

Yeah the K2 in 3rd page of the main menu (with Select, System and Sleep) is the way to go.

Additionally to run @okyeron 's command in Maiden rather than SSHing in, you can type the following in Maiden’s REPL

os.execute("df -h")

or to reduce the output just to the relevant piece of the storage

os.execute("df -h .")
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that’s the one! the general function is referenced in the UPDATE graphic under wifi + files - docs, but isn’t explicitly called out anywhere in the text or connected to the guidepost of querying storage. will amend ty!

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Hi everyone. Following this topic, I am trying to understand why, having a 32GB SD card in my shield, I get this results when looking at the space available : /dev/root 3.6G 2.9G 466M 87% /
I recently removed most of the samples to check if that was the issue that gave me so little tape time available (currently 19mins), but it’s not really done much.

Why does it only give me a 3.6GB space? It’s very strange.


@Prophane - have you tried expanding the file system as described here: norns shield | monome/docs?

This worked for me :).


Oh, no I had obviously not read that!! I got it! Many thanks !!

It wouldn’t be in Maiden, but on a command line on a separate computer. Do you use Windows or Mac? The instructions should be in that link, I think, but on Windows you would use PowerShell.

Glad to be of help!!


I’m curious, does anyone know the largest sd card you can use in the Shield?

Totally should have RTFM in full!! I’m gonna get back to it and see if I missed other important stuff!

Been there, too :). According to @dan_derks here, there shouldn’t be any limit.