Did I wreck my norns shield plugging into a mixer mic input?

This weekend I tried to use my norns shield alongside some turntables with an older vestax mixer. Wanting to use both tables, I decided to plug the shield output into the mic input without thinking twice. Heard some interference noise when plugging the shield to power and the screen never turned on. now standalone nothing is happening and there is no connection to maiden either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

that sounds like phantom power might have been activated on that input. Do you see the little lights that are on the raspberry pi’s logic board when it is plugged in?


yes, with red staying solid, green blinking on initial startup before turning off. The phantom power issue is what I was expecting. how much damage is irreversible? I did order a Shield pcb with the smc and the crystal bit (from pusherman) in case I cant find any simple solution.

Have you tried reflashing? Long shot but if nothing else is working it’s worth trying.

im far from the mosts expert, but I would try attaching the pi to a monitor via HDMI just to see what comes up when you plug it in.

no signal from the pi to my monitor

That’s normal, it’s not supposed to send anything while flashed with norns os.

Reflashing the micro sd actually worked! audio sounds clean and awake is running. Was not expecting a positive outcome from that. Thank you so much for suggesting the long shot, saves me having to learn how to smd solder (for now)


yayyyy. so glad to hear it!


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