Teach your crow how to play paradiddle rudiments like a drummer!

My (limited) formal music training has been in percussion. When I learnt to play paradiddles (8 straight beats alternating hands as in LRLL RLRR, and other variations) I thought they sounded great when each hand plays on a different drum/cymbal, giving the feeling of a complex polyrhythm, but being fairly easy to play. I thought it would be a nice crow scripting training project to code these rhythms into crow!

In the video you can hear mostly the modes with a 20% chance of a rest, which give the rhythm nice randomized variations. I found that a synced delay (mimeophon there) went very well with it too!


crow V2.0 or later.


input 1: clock
input 2: crow will send alternating triggers from outputs 1 and 2, in a pattern that can be selected sending a given voltage to this input:

3V and up - paradiddle diddle (121122 212211)
1.5V to 3V - double paradiddle (121211 212122)
-1.5V to 1.5V - paradiddle (1211 2122)
-3V to -1.5V - double paradiddle, with a 20% chance of a rest
-3V or lower - paradiddle diddle, with a 20% chance of a rest

output 3: sends a trigger every 4th beat
output 4: 20% chance of sending a trigger every beat, useful for accents


v1.0.0 - https://github.com/unit-cell/crow_scripts/blob/master/diddle.lua


This is great. Love the simplicity of it. I am not a drummer so this was a new concept to me. Thanks for sharing!

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oooh I think this might be magic on a bassline actually. Going to try that today

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I’ve sent the triggers to sequencers and it sounds very nice indeed!

My patch today was using two oscillator outputs from just friends and having their vcas plucked by each diddler channel. Did not disappoint.

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Would love to listen to it!!

This is what I was talking about. Using the first two outputs from just friends


Dang, that thumps. I’ve gotta try this out!

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That sounds crazy!! I need to try something like this too. And it would be nice to implement some simple v/oct melodies coming from output 3 or 4.

Awesome stuff
Can it create a flam or flam-a-diddle As well
Seems possible With differently timed triggers ?
Can’t wait to try

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Thank you! I have not coded flams into it yet, but that’s a great idea :slight_smile: will look into it!

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