Difference between grid 128 DIY and assembled

What are the difference between the assembled-NIB and DIY grid’s?
Exclude the fact that it’s a DIY product and you have to do some SMD soldering, source parts etc.

The obvious difference is that the DIY don’t have “unibody” milled chassis (aluminum or wood), only the faceplate.
I love the aluminium construction of my Mac’s and assumes that the latest grid plays in the same league.
I know that I could not make that nice looking aluminum piece myself for $200 or find a workshop to make it, but maybe I might try to make a wooden one.

functionally identical.

the kit PCB has its USB port on the bottom of the board, vs. the aluminum grid which has it on the top so it can be super thin.

the kit PCB is the same as the 2012 walnut edition, which is quite thin.

Thanks for the clarification. So you also get the tilt feature if you go with the kit?

tilt is not in the kit, or possible to add.