Digital Chirping in Intellijel 1U Headphone Output

edit 2: identified the source of chirping as the intellijel 1u headphone output. contacted intellijel for support.

lately i’ve been getting a lot of (for lack of a better word) “chirping” in my system. the chirps are little digital noise artifacts, interjecting at seemingly random times. for a while, it was just an occasional problem for a while, but now the chirping becomes almost unbearably frequent after a few minutes of playing. it happens in just about all of my patches,so i’m not sure if it’s a module problem, power problem, or something else.

when i first power up it doesn’t really happen, but then after a while it gets more and more frequent. does this sound familiar to anyone? were you able to beat the digital crickets in your system? if you’ve experienced this or have any tips for troubleshooting i’d appreciate it. i’ve tried several outlets around the house and several power strips to no avail. here’s my system, if that’s of any help:

and here’s a quick recording i made last night - the chirping happens throughout:

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Oooh, yeah that would drive me nuts. Does this happen regardless of signal chain? Have you recently added one module and then started having the issue?

My solve would be trying to eliminate one module at a time, see if the noise is coming from one in particular. Is your power supply over drawn? Total shot in the dark with that one.

this method makes sense - that shouldn’t take too too long. the STO is the newest, so it’s the prime suspect.

once i (slash if i) am able to isolate the module causing the chirp, i wonder if it can be fixed? i’ll cross that bridge when i get to it.

after some testing it looks like the sound is coming from my intellijel 1u headphone output module. i guess i’ll get into contact with them - i’m suuuper glad that the problem child is a $70 module, not a $400 module. if anyone has any other ideas on fixes i’d love your perspective. thx!

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I get something similar with my 1u headphone module when i set the pot to ~50%. If i set it to 25% or 75% (and adjust my gain further down the chain) it stops chirping. Curious!

very strange! i just tried adjusting for that and it seems to be happening between roughly 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock.

did you ever contact intellijel about repairing/replacing?

No not yet. It drove me crazy at first, but once i set it to around 75% i forgot about it until this thread.

I wonder if it has anything to do with grounding as I was able to produce more chirping when my hand was touching the panel and aluminum faceplates than when not. @barnjazz: Is this something you can also replicate?

Ah yep–had this happen when white whale was in use with intellijel headphone 1u. I’ve done some rearranging/performance preparation and haven’t used white whale recently but have been using the headphone out, and I haven’t heard it. Curious as to what you find out!

i won’t be in front of my system for a while, but i’ll check this asap! i just contacted intellijel support - i’ll let y’all know what i find. @jlmitch5 thanks for corroborating!

i also think i’ll update the first post/subject with these developments.