broken downsampling / country roads / max for live


two resampling algorithms: one smooth, one jagged. run yr signal in either direction.

first time trying to package externals so lemme know if none of the wet signal is coming through


macOS (at the moment)
Ableton Live
Max for Live


drop dirge.amxd in an audio track in Ableton.




andrew you are on fire. i’m about to head up the the studio and will test. anything i should look for specifically?

if it’s broken like literally no sound will come through when dry/wet is all the way up

still a couple more apps on the way


I’ve had the longtime goal of trying to emulate my yamaha portasound. asphault > gravel feels remarkably closer to the sample rate artifacts than what I’ve gotten before which is incredibly exciting.


as you had suspected, no sound passes in my system with dirge present and dry wet in full wet position. a side note, gravel and asphault appear to have no effect nor does what appears to be the filter.

and a question regarding behavior of that filter in alliterate. it seemed the filter response curve could be changed with some sort of button press but i could not replicate nor understand how the shape change occurred.

yea that’s exactly what would be happening with externals not being packaged in the .amxd. I’ll look into it. I really have not unlocked the secret of how ableton wants you to include anything other than subpatchers in a device. they do not tell you :expressionless:

also not something I’ve experienced despite using it a good amount - you can edit the filter with yr mouse right ? do you mean like hitting something on the keyboard ?

it seemed like mouse clicks somehow toggled filter response curve between that rounded look then to more of a notch phase kind of thing with a slight point in the middle rather than the normal curved mound. it went back/forth through my travels but not in any repeatable way. it sounded great though!

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ok I did something with packaging. @dude for lack of a better way to properly debug my stuff would u mind deleting dirge downloading again ?

i will so much more than gladly do ANYTHING i can 2 help u!!!

honestly super helpful tho, cuz you kind of need a second machine to test properly and I don’t have quick access to anything else rn.

sign my ass up. please. i will test anything you have/need that i can, answer any q’s or what have you.

i redownloaded and the same exact behavior was present. no sound at full wet and no fx happening (for lack of better specifics).


deleted all the dependencies from my computer and redownloaded myself and it works. edited and unfreezing is writing the dependencies to /Max for Live Devices > : (

not sure how helpful this is, but it works for me

very helpful, actually. @dude I think the broken version I posted might’ve messed you up. can you search your mac for “dirge” and post the results?

very helpful, actually. @dude I think the broken version I posted might’ve messed you up. can you search your mac for “dirge” and post the results?

i deleted all dirge files.

redownloaded. still silence as you had originally described.

this is fun


jeeeeez, ugh. can you share versions for ableton, max & macOS ?

for now, what might help fix the problem for * just * you is adding these files to Documents/Max <version number>/Library

Archive.zip (10.0 KB)

@rdfm yesssss

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“sorry, within ableton max for live, an app that provides functional led feedback is terms press cafe. i’m on live 9.6.2 mac10.13.5”