Disable And Hide Crow Clock Output Option In Menu

Apologies if this is covered in the docs somewhere, but how can my script disable Crow clock output, and hide any related items in the CLOCK group in the menu?

I want to use all 4 Crow output for something else, but that “something else” will break, if clock output is enabled.

not explicitly covered, but the params:hide(parameter_id) and _menu.rebuild_params() functions from params | monome/docs apply to system parameters as well :slight_smile:

clock params are rebuilt with each script launch clear (which happens with every script launch), so a script could manipulate their state + visibility without worrying about these changes persisting past its life. you can get the parameter_id by toggling on mapping mode (K1 + K3 on any params page), then include something like this in your script’s init:

params:set("clock_crow_out",1) -- sets 'crow out' to 'off'
params:hide("clock_crow_out") -- hide the 'crow out' param
params:hide("clock_crow_out_div") -- hide the 'crow out div' param
params:hide("clock_crow_in_div") -- hide the 'crow in div' param
_menu.rebuild_params() -- applies those ':hide' changes

hope this helps!

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Hi @dan_derks thanks for the rapid reply.

That definitely helps, thanks again!

That’'s cool. I was thinking I might need to restore the previous setting at script close, but good to know this won’t be necessary.