disappear forever- moving slightly - shoegaze/indie rock

FFO: older Modest Mouse, Deerhunter, the Cure, etc.

I’m pleased as punch to announce my band’s latest album, moving slightly

This album came together as part of a grant process. A local promoter and arts partnership generously gave us some money to build our own “studio” and this is our first finished product.

It was a huge labor of love and represents my first time recording anyone besides myself. The whole gang learned bits and pieces of Ableton so we could work in shifts while tracking.

I played guitar and provided some backing vocals on a few tracks, I’m happy to answer any gear related questions anyone might have!

Tapes will be available at our release show, and they’ll be available online when the rest are finished dubbing.

Hopefully I’ll have some download codes once it’s on bandcamp and I’ll update the post if we have any spares!

Thanks for checking it out and enjoy!