Discord Norns Study Group


Maybe i am going overboard but would some folks be willing to do a LUA/Norns study session this weekend on Discord?
That could be super nerdly fun


That sounds fun! I’m just getting started with Lua (did the first study yesterday), but I’d be down.


help me out
what is discord?


online group voice/video chat

we could share screens and talk etc…


I won’t have hardware for about a month, but I could lurk uselessly if you need a mascot.

On Saturday, anyway. Sunday is D&D.


oh ok thanks

depending how it works i might peek in on a convo but this weekend is not so good for me


I can probably drop in


ok please list your email and i’ll set it up
shreeswifty shreeswifty the mail of g /com


ezra dot buchla at gee mail dot com


not sure how i’ll go with timezones but accounts at dansim dot co, thx


o dot creurer at gee mail dot com


greaterthanzero at gee mail dot com


how did it go?

in case it happens again
qiplushop at gee mail com