Discord Norns Study Group

our “tone to drone in 60 seconds” event is starting in a few minutes! come on by

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Exploring tonality in Teletype and Crow today, beginning in a couple hours. Join to learn or just say hi :wave:


summary today’s presenter from, @yams

This week I’ll be facilitating a demonstration / discussion on quantizers in Teletype, hopefully dovetailing into a broader discussion of harmony and harmonic motion, particularly within a generative context. In the interest of inclusion, I’ll also be prepared to offer advice on how to meet similar ends using Ornament and Crime and Crow. Later this week (Friday probably) we will upload a Crow script for those without TT/O_C who want to follow along. Stoked to do some learning :slight_smile:


Hey y’all, I haven’t been to the group in a while, hoping to catch the next one. My discord search is not finding the drum sequencer y’all made a few months back, might someone have a link? I’m hoping to (finally) learn how to load impulse responses from an outside directory into SC with lua…
thanks if you can help!

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Sure thing! GitHub - northern-information/drums: january norns study group project

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Any party people have an invite link?