Discourse points and badges

These mechanisms are largely aimed at new users, and their goal is largely to get you involved in the community. I find them easy to ignore and non-troublesome.

There are a very small number of threads and one category (Trade) on this forum that fit this description, and I feel there are very rational reasons for their setup, largely having to do with keeping the focus of the forum on the topics it was primarily intended for. Trade isn’t among those topics, and the other threads are pretty much goofy inside joke things that would likely confuse a new user that currently can’t see them anyway. I don’t see it as an issue.


i love digital badges and in one of my digital projections eventually we’ll be credentialed with AR badges tied to our phones. I always found RFID badging kind of fun to learn and use which lead me to robots and IXD projects. I can see AR badges for social medias for sure. i know i must sound ned with the “i for one welcome our digital masters…” silliness but it’s a logical extension of thought, access and surveillance so it’s coming

Just in the interest of accuracy, there are three categories that somewhat fit into this framework: Trade, Regulars and Staff. Lines differs from the default Discourse install only in terms of the Trade category.

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Yeah, and Regulars pretty much just has the goofy inside joke threads, and of course we wouldn’t expect Staff to be publicly accessible.