Disquiet Junto Project 0256: Music in Place


Went out to Christmas market in our town
took IPad with Rode i-xy Microphone
recorded in Cubasis2
rerecord via audiobus in Samplr and Fieldscaper
record 5 Tracks in Cubasis2 with this material
automate and mix tracks
mastered in cubase7.5


Didn’t have time to get out and record anything specific so used a recording from earlier in the year of a crop sprayer that managed to soak me more than the crops.
I sliced the audio into four clips. Two of the clips we just transposed to get a better rhythm and I slowed down on the clips to get the beat.
The two other samples we put through the Berlin and Tokyo Resonators on Ableton Live. During the recording I played around with the note in each of the resonators and added filter sporadically.


Hello Juntonians,

It got a little crazy with the holiday and I always came up short for the time to do the field recording. So I made it in my dull little urban burg. Trucks, cars, buses and the noisy crows made their appearance. I took a half hour recording and chopped it up for the best bits. In Cubasis I used that for two tracks but offset the events. Then made a nice urban beat in Patterning and recorded a bass line that was too complex and sounded scarily close to Barney Miller. So, I simplified and it sounded better for this piece. Recorded on the fly with Animoog while listening to above. Not too many effects but did partake of a large helping of Lofionic Duplicat using heads 2&3 with high saturation and swell :slight_smile: A little chorus on the other field, some verb and stereo on Animoog, and a little final EQ in Silq.



We always visit my parents during the holiday, but rarely stay at their house. This year was an exception. My mother and father have numerous clocks, both electric and mechanical, ranging from a massive hand built grandfather clock to a cuckoo clock that is at least as old as I(60 years). The bird in the cuckoo clock has lost its mind, and is prone to ringing out of the blue, regardless of whether it is the proper time for it. Most of the other clocks ring on the quarter hour on their way to the big jam at the top of the hour. Needless to say, the clocks move in and out of sync with each other during the course of the day. This provides some great accidental musical moments for me, which are especially surreal when I am barely awake at 3am. Here is this incidental music phenomenon in brief, captured with hiss and all–if only for about a minute and a half. Consider it a field recording.



had fun with this. i left the sample at the start and i guess showed my working - the plucking sound is a particularly tuneful hook which makes that sound when i take my dressing gown off it
i thought i’d make it sound like a banjo but it’s more xylophone crossed with harp i think. beat is just from incidental sounds in the recording
ambient is from reverb tails of pluck- stretched, and also i fed that into protoplasm for the outro… no other sounds were added!

done in music maker, audacity and audition … oh and live too!

title is coz we were trying to identify birds in the garden from the recorded room and the calls kind of influenced this.

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I’ve been pretty regularly taking field recordings recently, but my whole family managed to get a particularly burly form of the flu, so I’ve been stuck at home for most of the time and I didn’t think I would be doing this one. Then, on Friday morning, I woke up much earlier than everyone else and had to be very quiet in a very quiet house. Then the magic happened. Strange ambient music was coming out of the fireplace. I moved all around it for a bit, trying to work out what the cause was. Maybe the kids’ cat-shaped keyboard had failing batteries. Maybe the radio was on. No idea what was making these amazing sounds. Then it stopped.

Being very optimistic, I popped a stereo mic on my iphone, opened up MetaRecorder and popped it in the fireplace on record. I spent the next half hour being very quiet. Not a whole lot very interesting happened. Eventually a street cleaner moved around the neighborhood. That formed the main sound (with a little cleanup, and a 20db boost). When I listened back to the recording I discovered the familiar rhythm of someone getting a text message on their cell phone. That made for the beat - with a little help from Logic’s Space Designer.

Later that day I learned that Pauline Oliveros had died. When I lived in Troy I’d been at various gatherings that Pauline was at and had visited the old Deep Listening space in Kingston a couple times. But I didn’t really know her at all. Several of my friends did, however, and I read many of their memories over the weekend. I was familiar with some of her work before then, and have explored much more of it since. Deep Listening and environments have been at the heart of much of my recent sound work. She continues to be an influence and will be much missed.


here’s my offering for this week. https://soundcloud.com/mikedayton/black-friday-death-march

Using my Tascam recorder I took a walk through a busy store during Black Friday. A few snippits here and there were looped and sent through heavy reverb and delay effects. The drone was created using Idensity granular synth. At this point I had a lot of sounds going on but it still was a little too boring.so I added a rhythmic feeding one of the loops into yellofier and created a noise fueled beat.

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I was on vacation with the family this week, so I didn’t have time to make anything, but am enjoying listening to everyone else’s tracks! :slight_smile:

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