Disquiet Junto Project 0281: Pattern Interruption


Thank you very much. Your contributions are always inspired and inspiring.



It is a really struggle to try to create a music piece in such short time with so many other things that need to get done… That is why I rarely participate (I think this is my second attempt).
But this one was about patterns. I spend some time recently mocking about with patterns in Reason’s devices and found it very interesting, so I thought I might have a go.
Not a master-piece. This is the best I could do in the time available… and a few minutes past the deadline already… Oh dear!..




That is very kind of you to say, compliment taken :-D. I need to get ahold of that and have a listen!


Thanks, Ian. Glad you like.


ahhhh yeah here we go… :smiley:


Love how it becomes more and more off kilter, fun stuff! Also enjoyed the video, nothing dull about a little mod work :wink:



Yeah, another opportunity to revisit and review the work of a musician. I hope colleagues and contemporaries have anecdotes to share.

Thanks for listening!