Disquiet Junto Project 0282: Berio's Bach

Moving along, this takes a nice turn and carries me with it.

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I think I forgot about the middle part of this assignment, which was to have a middle part that was ambiguous between significant and decorative…Anyway, the inspiration for this week’s Disquiet Junto assignment was a quote from Berio on Bach, so I decided to make this, spiritually, Baroque. I grabbed some lyrics from my “random lyrics” notebook, wrote down a short melody, and then tackled the “decorative” portion.

In my head, the melody would play with random, randomized, but melodic, interruptions from various plug-ins…but I couldn’t get the plug-in chain to generate melodies on single words. In Ableton, I sliced the audio recording of my singing into a sampler, but the randomization plug-ins ended up being much more percussive than melodic.

So, at the last minute, I decided to take the samples of my melody and “play” them using a MIDI keyboard. I did three takes, one in which I used a piano sound, one in which I used the vocal samples, and one in which I let myself hear both the piano and vocal sounds. This last method worked the best, so I kept that. Overall, I like this version a lot better.

I edited the improvisation a little bit and added some long tones underneath (down-pitched and timestretched recording of the melody).

The chess tutor
He speaks of sunlight and snakes
His sentences spiral
into footnotes from which
he rarely emerges


Nobody’s Bach ( DJ 0282 )https://soundcloud.com/vgmrmojo/nobodys-bach-052017

Checked out Bach’s scores at:

A. Decided to use organ for the “structurally significant” part
B. Reaper
C. Analog Lab
D. Kirnu Cream
E. Synth 1
F. Zebra
G. Mix
H. Master


Imagined the experience of a spacewalk, an astronaut’s tentative steps outside the safety of his craft. Surrounded by the vast marvels of the universe in every direction, with the mundane tools of his trade to hand, the umbilical chord keeps his fragile negligible life tethered to Mother Earth, providing meaning and sustenance for his being, his task. Pirouetting, spinning, graceful tumbling, blinded by sun and stars and the enormity of his insignificance, he must stay grounded, focused, yet humble, passive.

In keeping with this week’s project, strong ‘lead’ parts frame this track, with a middle 16 that features passing decoration.

Synths used: XILS, SynthMaster, Strobe2, UVS-3200.
I read that JM Jarre recorded Oxygene III last year with an imposed restriction of 8 tracks, à-la his original Oxygene album. Since I was going for space vibes, I too imposed a similar regime this week - two drum tracks, and at most six synths playing concurrently. And the filter envelope on the UVS-3200 pad and the lfo-modulated filtered noise osc on the XILS are a nod to what I love in Jarre’s original Oxygene album.

Also, saw the ISS pass overhead twice last Friday night, against a dark sky - what a marvel!


Hey folks,
After a long week, this weeks project is getting in just before midnight. I made a 16 bar pattern and plugged it into Fugue Machine. The four playheads where set from 1/64 to 1/8 play speed and were sending midi to four different synths; Sunrizer, Animoog, Waldorf Nave and Thor. The pattern was run until every playhead completed the pattern. The result was recorded in AUM and sent to Cubasis where I played another instance of Sunrizer live with the recording. After a little mixing and eq this was left. https://soundcloud.com/user-651760074/the-depthsdisquiet0282
Cheers :slight_smile:



Hi,this is my track for this week.
A brief composition.
I’m not happy with the result, but ok, it’s training.
I played the acoustic drum and some sample libraries.
I did not think much about the guidelines because I’m trying to fight a composition block.
Thank you!


a little queasy about sampling the greatest recording in history :stuck_out_tongue: but you made it work… esp love the eno-esque mid section


Thanks, you’re very kind.
That recording (GG’s 1980) …and the one I didn’t use (1955), landmarks for humankind really.
I admit I felt all the time on the verge of sacrilege. When the time comes, If I don’t go to heaven with the nice good ones I know it will be because of this junto0282…

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