Disquiet Junto Project 0285: Live Barcoding


grabbed the nearest book and painstakingly drew the barcode as a midi file
had this running through some instrument samples and fx. i really could not be arsed to draw two more barcodes so when the feedback had died down i played the same barcode again x2
i think i did well to leave some rhythm in; kind of allergic to rhythm at the moment: i’ll bring it up next time i go to the doctors.


So this is a first for me: Having read and listened to some different contribution I felt I could expand my program to do more. I was especially inspired by @George_Smyth 's use of ‘barcode values’ to come up with a melody. So here is my first ever second take on a challenge:

My program now creates a rythm from the bars in the barcode and choose the notes to play based on the digits of the code, mapped to a minor scale (to avoid too much atonality). Supercollider then spawns an instrument (an old additive saw wave synth I have made) much like the old code with random parameters.
I have added reverb, analog delay and subtle distortion in post.

Edit: I almost forgot: Only one of the barcodes from yesterday was reused. I ate the bag of crisps and I have misplaced the cookie jar, so instead I used the packaging from a stable machine and a book on shorebirds.


The voice track makes this delightfully confusing.


Why thank you; delightfully confusing was exactly what I was going for :smile:
It was a recording I made in a waiting room; two conversations going on at the same time - one in Spanish, the other in Chinese.


Some good sounds here in the playlist, sadly I was not able to take part this week due to other non-musical family commitments and besides the sun is out this weekend and we have some genuine hot weather which is a rarity in England!
I would say however that I love ISBNs (the barcode numbers that appear on books). I should say that I work part-time in a bookshop so the 13 digit ISBN number is something I am familiar with and I such a book nerd I have read about the history of the ISBN! Had I been doing this weeks junto I would have used the following ISBN / Barcode number;
9781623568900 which is the IBSN for the excellent 33 1/3rd book on Aphex Twins Selected Ambient Works by none other than @disquiet


Don’t apologize, this is lovely and very appropriate for the assignment. It has a sort of “stacked” quality that does recall the structure and appearance of barcodes. Nicely done as always.


For some reason this brings to mind the music of David Van Tieghem, somewhere in the “These Things Happen” era. Really love this sort of early-80’s avant-dance-rock.


It’s Monday evening and sometimes I think the Junto discriminates against Antipodeans.

I mean, the whole thing of having from Thursday evening to midnight on Monday wherever you are, it kinda forgets it’s already Friday when southsiders like me get the email.

Most weeks it isn’t an issue because I don’t spend very long responding to the Junto.

This week, however, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to join in.

EDIT: Sorry to grizzle, I’ve done this before. Seems to happen every couple of years. I really love the Junto, the problem is when life gets in the way.

Then when I found an interesting variation on a barcode, I really wanted to try it out.

So I settled on recording quick vocal interpretations of the three (sorta) barcodes and then was able to play the (sorta) barcodes because they’re a toy that produces a sonic result.

More details and images of the (sorta) barcodes can be seen here.


We found the nearest barcodes… 1.) a bottle of gin 2.) some tonic and 3.) a pack of smokes. After some discussion of the barcodes, rhythm and ideas we proceeded to jam on the guitar and bongos and follow the first barcode. A couple of overdubs for the bass and lead were added, inspired by barcodes two and three. It all ended up rough and ready, not surprising given the starting point.


That is super. Thanks very much!



Disquiet Junto 0285 -

Created three bar codes at this website: http://www.barcoding.com/resources/barcode-generator/

Created a bar code for the words Disquiet Junto

Loaded the bar code for Disquiet Junto into Autopaint and created a rhythmic noise and put this on the first track in Reaper

Created another bar code for the number 0285 and put the bar code into Reaper as an empty item/picture on track two

Created a third bar code for the word vgmrmojo and put the bar code into Reaper as an empty item/picture on track three

Track two and track three are percussion sounds

I used the barcodes as approxmate note values, ¼. 1/8, ½ and whole

Rendered, mixed then uploaded to Soundcloud


Here’s my rather late entry: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/code-rhythms-disquiet0285

I used the great free ArtWonk software (http://geneticmusic.com/download.htm) to read horizontally across the barcode images and send out MIDI CC values based on the pixel values. Those CC values were used in Aalto patches to generate the audio, which was then arranged in Reaper. (The track image shows the three products I took the barcodes from.)


I missed this one … but it’s a natural for my unreleased app SeeHear: (which I used to call Synaesthesia)