Disquiet Junto Project 0288: Interspecies Duet


Fantastic, the insect chorus is a super effective background


https://soundcloud.com/justinwabs/a-deer-and-a-lemur-walk-into-a-bar-disquiet0288 Sampled a lemur and deer because thats what the random animal genertor i used gave me.

deer was very rhythmic and chordy already, ran a second instance through voloco, a amazing iphone vocoder app, then lemur ended up being a pretty close to being in key already.
wanted to make something messy and big, i think i accomplished that .

Also my first Disquiet, found it through composer quest excited to do this regularly!!


Thanks very much! Have fun with nsynth…


Here’s my duet - entirely made from a single short recording of a goldfinch singing in my garden while the bees hum along (since they don’t know the words). Recording was simply processed in a few ways and layered to make some drones.


I chose animals with a predator-prey relationship. Bison and wolf. The buffalo lays down that sick bison jam while lead singer wolf sings pretty much the only line he knows. I used a lot of effects (flange, chorus, grain delay, vocoder, wah) but mostly on return tracks or doubled tracks because I wanted to retain some natural animal sounds. There’s also an ambient track made of bisons rummaging/feeding. I used a resonator on that to give the whole thing kind of a subtle creepy effect. I wanted it to culminate in a feeding frenzy but couldn’t find good audio of wolves taking down a bison so I used that frenetic kennel recording you hear towards the end. All audio is from freesound.org Too many to name, but that is an awesome website. Thanks to those field recorders that uploaded.


it does sound kind of oppressive and stupefying now that you mention it. nice use of effects



This is my submission. I’ve used a pig sample from freesound.org and a bird recording I’ve previously taken. These are the only two sound sources I’ve used.

The song was arranged in Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock III and I’ve used several of the in-built samplers and external VST effects to mangle the sounds and use them rhythmically.

Pig sound: Groove Matrix; Homing Pad with Subvert and Cryogen (Glitchmachines); uDrone with Hornet Spaces and Outer Space (AudioThing)

Bird sound: padKontrol with Incipit (Inear Display) and Teufelsberg Reverb (Balance Mastering)

Mastered in MuLab 7 using Overtone, Propane, MSW (Soundspot) & Neutron (iZotope).


Species one: wood thrushes. They’re slowed to one tenth speed (so their pitch is lowered by the corresponding amount.) I sampled them from The Singing Life Of Birds by Donald Kroodsma (donaldkroodsma.com/?page_id=69), one of my favorite albums of any kind by anyone.

Species two: blue whales. I found some recordings of their songs on Wikipedia, and sped them up by various amounts to align with my track’s tempo.

I loaded up my samples into Ableton session view and had them play back in a random sequence using Follow Actions. I let it run for fifteen minutes - you’re hearing a lightly edited version of the first three.


Vast numbers and each with sharp gnawing little teeth,and oh, all very capable pathogen carriers as well…sleep tight :wink:


Here’s mine. (I made it a trio.) https://soundcloud.com/plusch/dog-bluejay-goat-disquiet0288


Cow and chickens … also some sped up donkeys.


I have a pet fish named Alex who I’ve been collaborating with for several years now. Alex uses electrolocation. Alex lives outside Chicago now, in my parent’s living room. We collaborate via skype or facetime now, since I left Chicago. I built a bat detector from a kit years ago. I thought it’d be great to have Alex duet with a bat. Electrolocation/echolocation. Nice! Right? Unfortunately the actual live duet didn’t work out as well as I would have liked due to some technical difficulties. This is a bummer, but I’m still psyched on the idea and will revisit it. I should probably elaborate more, though I’m super tired, for this I apologize.
If you’re curious about Alex, whom I love dearly, there is a bit of info here: http://gallery400.uic.edu/exhibitions/gnathonemus-petersii
Alex also has a soundcloud (of course): https://soundcloud.com/alex-halsted


you can borrow my bat dector if you’d like




Disquiet Junto 288 – What did the woodpecker say to the dolphin?

Downloaded .wav files from Freesound of a woodpecker and a dolphin.Both were in the public domain, Creative Commons 0.

Inserted into Reaper and pasted and cut and copied to create each track.


Thanks so much for this.


This is such an intriguing project, I should have known there was a veteran of inter species communication amongst all this Junto talent! Can’t tell what species Alex is, but sounds like a interesting world traveler and a fish tale with a twist :slight_smile:


In related news, I decided to create a pro account with SoundCloud. I know, all my past carping and eye rolling over service combined with layoffs and financial instability, this seems like the move of a nutcase. In spite of all the qualms and quirks there isn’t anything comparable for ease of sharing and collaboration. And honestly, I don’t think another party is interested in entering this space. So in making the pro commitment I have likely increased the rate of collapse, but possibly, just possibly, helped show this niche of the megla-music world market is worth courting. That and my minutes were out and I’m a little lazy and I’m kinda addicted to my noise and this group. Cheers, and thanks for all the camaraderie, Gordon


Kind of sounds like a spooky basement:weary: