Disquiet Junto Project 0290: Text-to-Beat


always wondered why audition had a text to speech feature so it was good to find a purpose for it. i experimented with commas and full stops and that to get a rhythm - didnt want to cheat by adding/removing silence… added a load of chorus to make more musical and stereofied… then ruined the rhythm with a sliding pitch effect but that bass sounded cool at the start so pulled that into audacity made a little melody… then more pitch shifting and stretching for the mid/high end drone
warning- my partner thought she was ‘going schizophrenic’ listening to this and had to leave the room…


Here’s what I came up with: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/state-of-the-union

I used Google Translate to generate various sounds and words, and tried several different things. Initially, I intended the piece to be abstract, but then something else started to take shape.


Hi folks, this was my first entry in the Junto.

My text-to-speech of choice was the Speech Synthesizer that comes stock with FL Studio. My first thought was to try some Lovecraftian argot, but “Ph’nglui mglw’nfah Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” didn’t exactly roll off the digital tongue either.

The phrase I based my piece around was “We use every part of the buffalo”. I got a nice chant-like groove of “We we we use… every part” and then sent that into Izotope Vocalsynth. I looped it and recorded as I fiddled with various settings and this gave me tons of variations to play with in the arrangement phase. Some ended up with a throat-singing resonance that I really liked, which brought my piece into a different direction than I had when I started.

I experimented with extreme time and pitch shifting, reverse echoes, and all sorts of fun sound design stuff to the vocoded chant sections. I also added layers of glitchy drum-machine type stuff from closely cropped fricatives and sibilance, but I ended up echoing them into oblivion by the time I was done. The final layering, arrangement, and mixing was done in Reaper.


Welcome, @tFgMusic!



Well, I missed this one … but you folks might like to check out my app Enumero, a numbers to speech (and other things) app. A new addition to it is the"schwa" voice, which maps numbers to triphone samples, all with the vowel schwa. It leverages the rest of iOs music ecosystem, so you can have your way with it using other effects and recorders and mixers. https://soundcloud.com/jhhl/droneo-and-enumero-through-the