Disquiet Junto Project 0293: Emerge/Immerse


Me too Marc. Once the next week’s project about Bassel is finished I’ll be in touch and get the ball rolling on this…


I recorded a gas bottle drum a mate lent me and ran it through a bunch of effects. The other percussion sounds were made on my modular and the bass was done on a Dx7. I tried to get an emerging from a cave type vibe through the arrangement and automation. And no cheesy guitar this week.

The artwork is a little watercolor I painted of a Kamboja flower.



For Bassel


Alvin Toffler, author of the now-classic (and eerily prescient) book Future Shock, knew something about transience. “One of the great unasked questions of our time,” he wrote in 1970, “has to do with the balance between vicarious and non-vicarious experiences.”

It was not so long ago that a hologram of the late Michael Jackson appeared at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, sparking controversy over the ethics of using a digital visage to promote one’s posthumous career. Then again, humans have always been adept at manufacturing what Toffler calls “ritual significance” — the state at which the symbol for a thing becomes more important than the thing itself.

(Suss Müsik wonders what all the fuss was about regarding MJ. You’d think the music industry would be accustomed to such paradigms. After all, wasn’t it Freddie Mercury who famously asked “Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?”)

For this short piece, Suss Müsik explored the state of emergence. We hit little rocks with mallets recorded with heavy dollops of backwards reverb, then added some fake strings and gently plucked guitar. Buried in the mix are two solos played on an EWI device, which were panned right-to-left while the fake strings moved left-to-right.

The life of Bassel Khartabil was too short by any metric but the vicarious. Our collective participation in this week’s Junto project ensures that Khartabil’s work will continue to be celebrated and his memory preserved.


Great music, nice sound, love it


Quite wonderful. And your video resembles My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless album cover :slight_smile:


Hope everyone is well,

Emerging From This Mortal Coil (disquiet0293)
This was a hard prompt to give a positive outlook on, so many pieces of this story are broken beyond comprehension. I tried my best making a piece that emerges from the dark into something more promising, but it was hard given all the news. I chose two synths from Yonac, the new Kaspar and my old favorite Magellan. The Kaspar patches are suitably harsh, dark and low. I then made a patch in Magellan and applied it to an arp that grows more complex and bright as it progresses. The drums are an effected kick from the new Cubasis pack that I hope add a sense of resolute determination towards something greater than this mess we call humanity. Heres to better times…
My music videos- www.youtube.com/channel/UCc_iQ5JFusPt9EIwKIZ5rew


I went back to my original session for the first Junto dedicated to Bassel [disquiet108] and remixed it, added new parts and it came out a lot angrier than before… obviously because of the news of his death, but also after an extremely trying weekend of news.

It is a little over 2 mins, sorry missed that part of the project.


something natural emerging from something virtual
love as a response to fear and hate

convolution / distortion fading into chorus / mastering / natural hiss


by circumstance & inadequacy i’ve not contributed to any of the Bassel Khartabil dedicated Juntos until now; i’m more than a little ambivalent about turning up now for this posthumous one - i really hope it isn’t somehow disrespectful. i’m sincerely saddened by his death and, fwiw, i mean well… nothing throws the intangible, ostensible, benefits of micro-cultural production into relief than somebody’s untimely death right? but what else to do? * everything *, really, is ultimately inadequate in the face of cruelty and injustice and, fundamentally, mortality…

Some of the sound sources here are so literal that i’m wary to describe them; i figure they can be inferred but if * you * really want me to spell 'em out, i will.

Apologies for over-running - again, it honestly feels somewhat disrespectful - but i felt i could just about structurally justify the length.


After having participated in the disquiet junto project 0271 and expressing with my music - or attempting to - the situation Bassel Khartabil was in, I noticed I I felt deeply sad.But not knowing about his circumstances, the task was to express hope as well. That made it easier for me. Now that we know that he is dead I feel deeply sad again, and attempted to express that in the mood of my contribution. It is not overall melancholic, because there always is hope


I noticed you didn’t show up on the SC playlist, maybe because of the missing “0” in the title? Just want everyone to find this great remix :slight_smile:


Oh, I overlooked that there was a time limit of about 2 minute, so I uploaded a shortened version to fit the rules


Disturbingly dark…yes, fitting to the story and circumstances…yes, disrespectful…not at all. It is a scary, sad and incomprehensible time there and I don’t think anyone has a lock on the best way cope with it. You made what you felt, no apologies necessary


Hey Rupert, Count me in on the compilation. Thanks for getting this together, Peace, Hugh


Count me in for this


This track is dedicated to the memory of Bassel Khartabil. May his flame burn thru the night.


Hi Rupert, I would be honoured to contribute to this… Thank you.


I hadn’t heard of this fellow until I followed this collective. For some reason my first thoughts were of all those folks who died similar deaths fighting for a tradition that posterity will deem useless superstition… my second thoughts imagined posterity thinking the same of my humanist ideals an infinity of time from now… my third thoughts were “do the oppressors of people like him know something I don’t? are they aware of their mask for animal gratification, and maybe in their complete surrender to their compulsions and perversions, they realize they are in the purest form of humanity?.. that there is no other higher ideal to aspire to… ?” anyway here you go folks … saneLIV the depressing American gadfly at your service :stuck_out_tongue: