Disquiet Junto Project 0293: Emerge/Immerse


A Tenuous Beginning

  • It was very sad to hear of Bassel’s passing. This is my third Disquiet Junto piece for Bassel, so his story has become dear to me.
  • I approached this in terms of “something being brought to life.”
  • The pulsing sound could represent the beginning of a life, or an idea, or a project, or anything.
  • The ‘shakiness’ of the piece represents the fragility of any new thing coming into being.
  • I used to Kontakt instruments from ZapZorn Solstice Blue and two Alchemy instruments.
  • AudioThing’s FilterJam was applied to all four tracks to create the shaky feel.


That’s great, Thanks so much!


Wonderful! Thanks so much!


That’s great, Hugh! Thanks so much!


My track, from a larger improvised multitrack piece I made while looking at Paige’s work last night. Rest in peace Bassel. https://soundcloud.com/bellyfullofstars/tetraphon-disquiet0293-emergeimmerse


Hi, here’s the inspiration for disquiet0271, from last March… Let it be the motivation and encouragement Rupert for your good idea :slight_smile:


My favorite - if I am allowed such


You’re not… But thank you!


Well said my friend!


Hi Rupert, I would be happy to join in on this. Hoping to finish editing the longer version of mine this week - would like to submit this for the BC project, too.


Great! Thank you so much! I’ll be in touch with more details about what’s happening with the compilation once this coming week’s Junto is done.


Link replacement for SC: