Disquiet Junto Project 0294: Offline Status


In memory of Bassel Khartabil, born in Damascus in 1981, who was executed while in captivity in his native Syria. Bassel’s positivity and open, humble nature is the inspiration. In the worst possible circumstance, he remained steadfast, for himself and for those who care for him. For me, he is the public face of strength and courage, in a world that can be dominated by malevolence. His work as a developer for Creative Commons projects, his contributions to archaelogical presevation thru the medium of modern technology, and his advocacy of an available and democratised internet for all, all represent the type of man Bassel was, Bassel is.

Lots of stuff used here. Bassel’s spoken voice from the Disquiet Junto project and processed for clarity, the wonderful and free DVS Saxophone VST, TAL Uno LX, a sample of waves at a strand, and lots of effects, including FogConvolver, Eos, Crystallizer, BlackHole, and the wonderful FractureXT and Permut8.

I hope you derive hope and enjoyment from my piece.


Oops - I missed the two-minute guideline in the project brief this week… :neutral_face:


Some excellent contributions this week - well done to all!


I love all these voice morph things people are doing… somehow I think this man would have appreciated these works very much…


Apologize for nothing, Bassel.

All sounds either Bassel or guitar.

Underlying bed is reversed “Amazing Grace” mixed with three tracks of Bassel’s phrase ~13x stretched: One track is him harmonized and pitched down to F#; One is him disambiguated as noise; One is him just straight up sloooowed doowwwn.

Floated over the affair with an eBow.


Writeup and prior tracks honoring Bassel:



Great track btw

Did I get an email from you, yet?

If you’d be happy to have me include your track on the compilation please let me know…



Thanks Richard,

Great track

Did I get an email from you? If not can you send me one at rupertlally@yahoo.com

It’s just easier to keep everyone who’s contributed tracks updated that way,




Didn’t have time yet to download( iOS strikes again :-/ ) or listen, but here’s the link to Over the Edge- https://kpfa.org/episode/bassel-tribute-memorial-syrian-palestianian-open-source-software-engineer-bassel-khartabil/


Just fyi, I wrote up a small article about the compilation for All3DP (https://all3dp.com/beneficiary-music-compilation-murdered-creative-commons-figurehead/).


Thanks so much for having done this.


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