Disquiet Junto Project 0298: Dungeons & Drum Machines


Random GAB

  • I rolled a 17 and a 19.
  • The base line throughout is the sequence generated by the dice roles. It took 12 bars to repeat.
  • On top of it I put a bII V I Dorian b2 chord progression, the airy pads are whole tone chords. Both contained G A B.
  • Didn’t have enough time to put a melody or any riffs over the top.
  • The 12 bar phrase repeats with variations over the top.
  • The 12 bar phrase is played in double time a couple times.
  • Sounds came from Alchemy and Sonovox EightyEight 2.
  • The drums were a couple loops from Logic.


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/perchance-disquiet0298

No time for a description right now – I’ll try to get to it later.


I rolled 11 & 60, which gave me 6 pitches, and 4 durations totaling a 4/4 measure. This repeats rather quickly in only three measures. So the material was rather limited to work with.

So worked by elimination - pulling out notes from the line and distributing them around three instruments: Hocket, sometimes clear sometimes abstract.

It was pretty much done when the connection to games (D&D, dice) struck me, and had the inspiration to add the kids.




This project was a great excuse to get more familiar with the TB-03 and TR-09, which are pretty good new hardware emulations of the 303 and 909. I took a pretty literal approach for composition, rolling a 2 for AFEE (the notes on the 303, although I switch the octaves up a bit) and a 12 for ♩♩♪♪♪♪, which lines up pretty straightforwardly. I also decided to add my own random approach for making the drum pattern: starting with 4 on the floor for the bass drum, I then added the low tom by rolling a die to see how many hits it would get and then making that many rolls to find the beat (1-16) that each strike fell on. I did the same for most of the other drums, although I did end up making some minor edits to that. This song is so basic, it’s in mono and only uses the TB-03 (delay is built in) and TR-09!


Rolled 11 and 5. Used Reaktor Blocks. Sample from the DragonStrike VHS game, circa 1993.

I don’t know. I kind of have a thing for owlbears.


Started with the random thing as described. Then did random offsets of that, then did some random doubling of certain parts and random halfing of certain parts.
This is joint work with WL Altman.


A week late and a dollar short.

I didn’t go into the project with anything in mind, but I ended up with a series of long-ish tones that seemed like a great cantus firmus (or bassline) and the seed for an art song.

I dusted off my first-species counterpoint skills and came up with notes to harmonize with the bassline on the downbeat of every measure and thus sketch the outline of a chord progression.

Then I added more notes following those “guide tones” to have a complete melody.

The title comes from a text a co-worker sent me about some PA issues. I brainstormed and came up with a couple of verses - the first verse ended up being something completely different from what I expected, the second verse was more what I imagined the text would be about.

Production wise, the piano sounds came from my Nord Electro (an upright piano patch, which in retrospect is a little clangy and did not have enough sustain for this project). The synths in the second half of the song are the initial bassline, twice as fast and pitched higher, and starting after each other in canon. One of the synths is then constantly transposing upward to create a tilting melody. The final arpeggio is all of the notes from the cantus firmus stretched in duration so they overlap and run through Ableton’s arpeggiator.

I am not a great singer :slight_smile:

Stuck on a deep frame
Hung on a wall, I’m
at loping hillsides and then
I’m lost (I’m lost)
in layered landscapes
in blue on blue
in flaking poster paint
scattered glass spatters
nothing’s perfect anywhere

pops and ex-plosives
ligament snaps like
they interfere and then they
open fissures
like local weather
or aliens
the message is unclear
rabbit-eared radio
nothing’s perfect anywhere