Disquiet Junto Project 0299: 10bpm Waltz



Out of step
Out of focus
Out of touch
Out of tune
Out of words
Out of thoughts
Out of patience
Out of luck
Out of breath
Out of time
There is something in there, possibly, but I can’t seem to find it…


love this track, what a great progression and timing


FL Studio. Cribbed some waltz drumbeats from unrevealed sources. Experimenting with Hybrid sounds. This track is very slow, 10 bpm is a challenge. Four bars in and it’s already more than a minute!


I get the feeling that every track in this playlist could begin a new Pink Floyd album…

It would be a great dance party if the DJ mixes these tracks together live. We can even do it in the browser. For example, use the Soundcloud search “disquiet0299” at https://you.dj/. The auto beatmatching fails but that’s ok, if all the tracks are 10bpm.


I made this with the machinedrum which has been quite neglected ever since I got into eurorack. Mainly exploring FM sounds and a bit of internal sampling. Tuning to specific pitches was a challenge so it ended up quite eerie. So hard to avoid the temptation to fill it with 1/128 beats.

Enjoying all the other submissions!


I enjoyed all the beautiful pieces mentioned above, with all those nice electronic effects. But the question remained: why not do it live? Just play a waltz at 10 bpm. And so I did. It’s not nearly as spectacular as John Cage’s ASAP for organ, but it sounds weird enough.


this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0299. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to create a dance song with no more than 10bpm for the friendly folks at One Take records in copenhagen. an additional challenge added to this assignment for the disquiet junto was to execute the desired piece in 3/4 waltz measure. no easy task, to be honest.

for the lack of a clock source which i could get down to 10bpm i have been, for the first time, fully diverted into solely using a daw for creating a piece of music. pheeew. and what made matters worse is that ableton didn’t allow me to go as low as 10bpm as well so i had to be creative and hope i have been successfully achieving this challenge: using the cyclic sequencer to create 10bpm gates (which in fact also allowed a minimum of 20bpm as ableton)…and here we go. the tools used were ableton’s live drum rack, cyclic sequencer, bengal software synth and the granulator II fed with a field recording from within in a moving train carriage.

enjoy the ride, it wasn’t an easy one to come up with.


This one was hard. 3/4 time means a waltz, the downbeats are important for dancing, so I initially composed a piece generated by and sequenced with Teletype. It sounded great at higher BPM’s, but really boring at 10 BPM. 10 BPM means that each quarter note lingers for 6 seconds, each bar is 18 seconds. I reworked my patch to be sequenced by Ansible / Kria and passed modulation randomness to Teletype through Cold Mac. I messed around with the Cold Mac survey while notes hung, to give it more depth. I used a lot of FM on DPO, so it ended up sounding like a dirge metal waltz. A-ok by me. Can’t dance to it, but it’ll conjure neighborhood demons. Best to play it in full sunlight while petting a kitten. Just in case. Good luck 10 BPM folks!





Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/protracted-disquiet0299

I used a part of a MIDI file from a modulation study I composed, and slowed it to 10 bpm. I had the MIDI file play a Zebra2 preset (HS 12-String Sitar)and added MFM2 delay to lengthen the sustain of the notes, Permut8 for texture, and plenty of ValhallaRoom reverb.




This is my first submission to Disquiet Junto. I’ve been subscribed for ages and love reading the posts to get ideas, but I hadn’t made time for a track until now.

After reading that 10BPM DANCE CLUB wanted to play ridiculously slow songs for a “dance party,” I decided to use TR-909 drum samples for that classic house feel. It was grueling to try to make something one could conceivably dance to at 10bpm (and an extra challenge because Ableton only goes to 20bpm). I ended up adding some faster triplet rhythms towards the end to give it a 3/4 feel that you could at least tap your foot to.

Everything produced with Ableton stock plug-ins with a few personal field recordings for instrument samples and two song samples for additional ornamentation (Cyndi Lauper’s “Yeah Yeah” & tUnE-yArDs’ “Bizness”).


Welcome to the Junto. So glad you could join in.


This is my contribution: https://soundcloud.com/ph_vs_f/walts-waltz

First of all, Ableton Live made it hard for me because the minimum speed is 20 BPM ;-). But with some mathematics and metric changes it worked.

The basis were two samples (door and smashing class). Then I added a jazz waltz drum loop slowed down. The artifacts of the loop (cymbals) are strictly intended. Next was a drone sound added with some random effects and panning.

The piano (Pianoteq 6, quite detuned) was played live in one take. At last, an improvation with Lyra-4 synth was added.

I thought of some abandoned dance hall, poor drunken Walt is leaving after the last dance…


I took a public domain version of Strauss’ Blue Danube, cut a bit out and sloooooooowwwwweeed it down using Ableton eventually got a mix of slowed/pitched pieces that are at 10 BPM that I like. It felt like it just had to be a long piece, an intro at 10BPM ain’t gonna pass fast… Some drums do come in if you have patience.


This was impossible to resist. I tried a couple of different strategies, but my favorite tended to be making a cool track at a “normal” tempo for dance music and then slowing it down considerably. I like the idea that a short melody will feel like a long, disconnected figure. It’s like how an ent might perceive time vs. a human.

A relatively short chunk of fast dance music (about a minute?) gave me a long-enough slow-dance track. The vibe I wanted after that was a proto-dubstep vibe, with lots of echoes and delays shimmering around space. The vibe ended up similar to ambient music, which is ok with me.

Writing a fast track and then working with it at a very slow tempo feels very John Cage to me, in a “suppressing the composer’s will” kind of way. I am looking forward to hearing what others did.

(Oh, and also we were apparently supposed to write something in 3/4. I did not do that.)


10 BPM - wow - that presented some unexpected challenges, especially in 3/4! I did not want to add too many notes, lest it feel like it was faster than 10 bpm. It is VERY difficult to play in time at 10 bpm! I laid down the effected guitar first, then layered other synths and sounds on top in Ableton Live. The odd warbles here and there are the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV1. The final arrangement came together rather quickly. Then some fun with various reverbs in mixing.


Nice rhythm work keeping it that slow


Just under the wire, again:

Not much process in the one other than just running by intuition.
Ableton only goes down to 20bpm, so I composed it in 3/2.
One thing I noticed: It just took so much longer: Each replay of a section, each listen through, etc… took that much more time.