Disquiet Junto Project 0302: Gronkytonk


I composed also a middle section I did not manage to record yet, I will upload the complete track to you Tube and add a link here

Gronkytonk - a music genre in Malka Older´s SF - novel “Informacrazy”. I was figuring out that also in the future - no matter what music will sound in gerneral then - there will always be some guys and girls who will do their own thing sideways off mainstream and play handcrafted music. So this is the fictive genre gronkytonk, the style is indie

Now I am very excited how gronkytonk will sound like for the other contributors. Have a nice weekend everyone


Gronkytonk https://soundcloud.com/user-970962304/radio-jakartagronkitonkdisquiet0302


Gronkytonk suggested atonal rhythms, so I took the opportunity to make loops from recordings made of a statue using contact mics.

It sounded crap, so I added drums.

Then I gave it structure, allowing the loops to build and re-pitching some too.


It sounded crap? Your statue sounds awesome, Industrial Gronky Trance of the best breed.


I imagine Gronkytonk as the music one hears down the street coming from an - at best - sketchy bar. Going inside the music reminds one of the poem Jaberwocky - it’s understandable but occasionally falls into the realm of confusion.

Frank’s Gronkytonk was written for Bassoon, Clarinet, Horn, Oboe, String Bass, Cymbals, Drum Set, Timpani and Wood Blocks.

The score is available at http://bit.ly/2ynosnq


“Wonk” is a condescending name applied to someone who is studious or hard-working. We often hear it used in US American politics when someone is disparaged as a “policy wonk.” Suss Müsik would think that being conscientious and knowledgeable are fine personal attributes, but what do we know.

When Tina Turner sang The Rolling Stones’ Honky Tonk Woman, she painted a brilliant image of a “gin soaked bar-room” where there is always the danger of being “pull[ed] out of some kind of fight.” We envision a dark, crowded saloon, located somewhere in the American west, teeming with the smell of testosterone and beef jerky.

For this piece, Suss Müsik imagined how a wonky tonk woman (or man) might behave. We asked a female artist/librarian friend to describe what wonky tonk music might sound like. “Computers swearing at each other” was her reply, which we used as a creative springboard.

The piece was composed on two synth emulators run through a Korg Tone Works 411fx processor, a cheesy drum loop, some gnarly guitar feedback, slippery (sloppy) bass, horrid saxophones, fake brass, and a sampled bicycle wheel. We laughed the whole way through it, because the result is so ridiculous.

The piece is titled Gronkytonk. The image is a shot glass.


Following the extraordinary success of the most listened to track in recorded history, ‘Honky Tonk Binary Unit’, remixes by automatic programs flooded the neomarket using only sounds from the 20th century original …

Moments from from Honky Tonk Woman, mashed up using FieldScaper and melded together in Ableton with a lack of subtlety - which I imagine would be annoying played loudly at 5am …

I deliberately didn’t listen to any other contributions before submitting (gulp), so VERY much looking forward to doing so!




Here’s mine. I tried to take the idea of the extreme libertarianism hinted at in the text and translate it into music, and of course failed completely. But I wanted to do something with chaotic rhythms as both an analogue to this (individualism taken to a point where no-one is interested in keeping in time); and also as a logical progression of the development of challenging music (no constant tempo).

So there is a load of cross patching of Doepfer modules (controlling the pitch of a oscillator with a S&H clocked by a square from the same oscillator) and then deriving a clock from this to drive everything else.


Went pretty literal with this - sampled an (I believe) out-of-copyright recording by Freeman Clark from the Internet Archive 78rpm collection called “Four Beers Joe”

Added goofy parts and glitched it up real good. Surprised how it resembled classic video game music.





In my imagination, Gronkytonk consists of vocoded samples of Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams singing the word “honky-tonk” over beats.




superb groove, and the statue sounds hip!


Here’s my first one. I focused on the “gronk” for this one, I really want to do a second one focusing on the “tonk” but I’m not sure if I’ll have time.

“I used to hang out in a gronk club most nights back in '42. My hearing and skin will never be the same, the combination of loud gronkytonk and those corrosive steams really leaves a mark. But there’s nothing like live gronkytonk to confuse the negative thoughts right out of your head and help you get on with whatever it is you need to do.”


Hysteresis is lots of fun to play with; have you tried their other free glitchmachine - Fracture? It produces a very different sound.


entirely an emotional response… figures it has to be retro synth of some sort and moving but remote and unsatisfying to our unevolved expectations… I especially like how I chose to keep the harmony static for 2/3rds of the piece. :smiley:


warning, possibly unpleasant listening ahead. i wouldnt want to wake up to this at 5am.
Several samples of guitar, piano, and mysterious whistling from an intro to one of them taken from youtube into ipad samplr.
These are manipulated and recorded onto separate tracks over a synth voice that sounded particularly gronky.
I haven’t listened to ya’lls yet, but im not sure how well i like gronkytonk. this version sounds maybe like a bad dream free jazz record that got run over.


“Ode to the mythical American frontier” highlights the softer side of Gronky Tonk, tipping it’s ten gallon to Duane Eddy before riding into a shimmering Eno sunset.

A few tracks of guitar and a little bit of synth run through a lot of delay and reverb. I’m a bit of a Hank Williams fan and a noisy neighbor so I reckon I might like a bit of Gronky tonkin’




Howdy. Nice thing happened. The author of Infomacracy learned about the project (right when I was looking for a way to contact her to let her know about it), and she was quite enthusiastic about it on Twitter. In turn, her publisher, Tor (known to anyone here, I’d bet, if they read much science fiction), posted about the Gronkytonk Junto on its blog:


They called out past projects, and also embedded several pieces from the Gronkytonk project, including work by @Hypoid, @Detritus_Tabu3, @itssowindy, and Ohm Research.